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A Queston of Hope

A Question of Hope

You are out in the scorching sun, for hours. There seems to be no relief in sight; the only comfort is found as sweat trickles down your brow. Not sure of how long you can actually hang on; a thought occurs to you. What if this is my last moment? You are unsure as to how much strength or energy you can muster; worse than that…do you want to go on?

Suddenly you feel it; a cool breeze flowing across your sun weathered skin. You take a deep breath; your soul feels replenished. Although the cool air lasted only a moment; its effects are long lasting. Your strength returns; your step has more bounce in it. How could a single brief blowing, of cool crisp air, change so much? Simply put; you now have hope of greater things. You were intended to survive this thing; and the cool air was our Creator’s way of showing you.

What is hope? Hope is simply the knowledge that better things are ahead. The possibility of brighter days is in store for you. The mere thought that things MAY get better; is enough to keep you going. Why is this important?

This thought is important, because it gives us reason to keep going on. The only task we ever fail at; is the task we fail to complete. Hope is a beautiful gift. We can give it freely, openly and lovingly. Hope is the gift that I am giving you today.

I am not saying that your life may turn out exactly the way you may want it to; but I am saying that the possibilities of your life are endless. There may have been times in your life where you have felt like the world is against you; I can assure you that is not so. Sometimes you just need a reminder that you need to pick yourself up and move forward.

I have known hardship and pain; I have known grief and had health that was failing. My thoughts and remarks are not empty. But through all of my life challenges; I have one constant… this is temporary. Everything on this realm of life is not supposed to last forever. We get to decide to make our lives what we want it to be. We can choose to live a life of love and kindness or we can choose anger and self-pity. Along my journey, I came across a name, Ward Foley.

Mr. Foley is an amazing exhibit of hope and possibility. His nickname is “scarman”; as his body is riddled with scars. Where is the beauty in this? I gladly will share with you; Mr. Foley shines his light on people who live with diseases and illnesses. He has a Face Book page and on it he praises the wonderful people that he reaches out to. He does not speak on; or dwell upon their diseases or illnesses. He simply speaks on how wonderful they are. This wonderful person, who has his own “cross to bear”; smiles and smiles some more; he offers hope through a simple smile. I hope that you all get to visit his website http://www.wardfoley.com . He is a true angel.

Give hope to one another; offer a smile, at the very least. Hope gives us strength.

The possibility of what we could be; far outshines the lesser of what we actually are. We can do more and be more than we could ever imagine. We can put an end to violence; we can create venues where people can help one another. We can start reaching out to our fellow man; regardless of race, creed or religion. We can remember where we came from; before man created so many barriers.

We can love with a purpose; and let that purpose be…so others can receive that love.

Hope is an urgent calling to us all. Hope gives our hearts wings. With hope we can end the cycle of violence; child abuse, domestic violence, rape, incest and battered women and children. With hope we can defy the statistics that say 1 in 3 women will be molested before she is 16 years old. Hope can change the fact that every 15 seconds a woman is murdered by someone who claims to love her. Hope can rise up to the top; it can give love the chance it needs to mend our broken hearts.

I want to give you hope today; and once you peel away those layers, you will find it filled with divine love. I do not live a fairy tale life; I have known travesties. I have felt pain so deep that I was certain I would never heal from it. The truth is, some pain never really goes away; but we get to choose to make it something better. We get to take that pain and make it a spring board for someone else’s pain. We can be the lift up that someone else needs.

While we are doing this we should remember; how we had wished that someone would have tried to make it better for us. Even if all we have to offer is a simple smile; it is something more than doing nothing.

Love every day; give love, be love, and you will be rewarded with hope. Hope is the heartbeat of a soul; it is up to us to keep it going.

We can spend our lives feeling sorry for ourselves; or like “Scarman” Ward Foley; we can give back. We can let go of our frustrations and watch them evolve into hope and possibility, for others. Don’t ever lose sight of the fact; that each day is a gift and each breath is a blessing. Give thanks for the time we have here on earth; touch as many hearts as you can.

In closing, I would add only this; you are my blessing. You help mold and evolve me into whatever I am supposed to be. You help guide me toward the light of our Creator; I am forever grateful. Never give up hope; it will guide you along your path and make you all the richer for it.

I wish you love and peace along your path.

-L.M. Young