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We justify the violence

We justify the hatred

We justify why it is

Okay that he is dead

You needed more updated pictures

Showing all his tattoos

Would that make a difference

If you were in his mother’s shoes?

Would you want someone to tell you

What vision the media could post

When you are talking about the one

That you loved the most

Would you think it fair when

Everyone gets to decide

If you deserved it

The night YOUR son died

Or would you look for compassion

While your heart is breaking

Yet ducking and diving from

All the criticism you are taking

Not a good mother?

Oh…lest not ye judge

On the matter of love

I will not budge

Her son died…point blank

She is stronger than most

And stands up…head high

With all the hate you post

When will we truly realize

Who are supposed to be

And stop imposing on others

Our false reality

We should be uplifting our brothers

Stop literally shooting them down

Then there would be no need

For “standing your ground”

If we all listened as children

When being told what was right

There would be nothing to fear

During the day or the night

God He walks with us

Stop finding reason to hate

Start looking for similarities

How we can relate

We are really one big family

Who is going to war

Forgetting God’s love

What we were brought here for

So I bid you one last thought

Before you lay down your head

Let’s stop attacking mankind

Build God’s bridges instead


Love’s Ingredients

Love’s Ingredients

How carelessly we talk

Saying the first things on our tongue

We talk about the people on the street

Their homes, jobs even their young

We thoughtlessly cast our ideas

Out into the mid air

As if our opinions were made true

By throwing it out there

We talk about other races

Talk about religions worldwide

Is this hate or just ignorance

I simply can’t decide

We talk amongst ourselves

Gossip destroying the hope of man

WE know we shouldn’t…yet still do

Should stop…but not sure we can

Our words can feel like razors

Sharp and hard to heal

It’s not hopes they are given

But they dreams that people steal

We kidnap the light from man

Throw water on his fire

Until he forgets his path

His hearts true desire

We walk around in darkness so long

It seems bright enough

Waking up from that fallacy

Now that one can be tough

For the problem with this disease…hate

Is we’ve been feeding it so long

We have forgotten how to do right

And are inclined to do wrong

I really don’t mind reminding you

Emit the love God passed out

It mends fences…builds bridges

Of that there is no doubt

Start smiling every single day

Even if they look at you odd

Remember you’ve spent a lot of time

Trying to dim the light of God

So the backlash is deserving

You should have known better by now

But take one day at a time

You will do it somehow

Teach your children love through osmosis

Let the joy you have spread

Letting opportunities of hope

Fill inside their heads

We spend far too much time

Shaking our fists up high

Complaining about the choices

The ones we let slip by

Yes we did it…we failed ourselves

Even though we knew much better

It’s why I’m writing this down

Why I’m sending you a letter

Watch your speech and tones

Knowing when you do speak

It should be the equivalent

Of touching an angels cheek

So softly whisper unto God

I’m sorry for my disobedience

Mix it with love…sprinkle joy

All of love’s true ingredients

We Will Meet Again

We Will Meet Again

I’m smiling now

Didn’t think I would

After the pain I felt

Wasn’t sure I could

I’m smiling because

I was nothing but true

Truthful to my God

And my love for you

I’m smiling now because

I know I’m not weak

The purest part of us

Just ran down my cheek

I’m smiling because God

Has shown me the light

That I can mourn what was

But I will be alright

Because the past is the past

It all is for a reason

Our time has gone

We all have our season

I’m smiling not because

I wish you any ill will

I’m smiling because like God

I do love you still

I’m smiling because

You have found your true place

I’m smiling because

I have found God’s grace

I’m smiling because

Even though when it rains it pours

I realize when God shuts windows

He also opens up doors

I’m smiling at last because

I have a message to be received

It is founded by God’s love

For those who are in need

So I wish you all the best

Hoping you find peace

Please don’t worry about me

My heart it is at ease

The Lord is my shepherd

He will lead my way

Helping to help those souls

Who have been led astray

So peace and blessings upon you

Know my love will always remain

Insha Allah (God willing) one day

We will meet again

Eternal Day of Peace

Eternal Day of Peace

Calling to all people

From as far west as east

I’m declaring today

My eternal day of peace

Laugh if you must

But all jokes aside

For one entire day

Lay down your pride

Seek only the goodness

We were given since birth

No snappy remarks about bias

Or what we each are worth

No debates about religion

Or who God listens to

Set aside your indifference

Yes, I’m talking to you

One day isn’t much, considering

The years we spend at war

Lay down your weapons

Your internal samurai swords

Love your neighbors often

Just simply by saying Hi

Be courteous at the grocery store

To people passing by

If you see trash on the street

Slow down…pick it up

Remind our children to be kind

I have had enough

Enough about separation

Enough news about death

Enough worry about the children

So few of them left

Enough rules of isolation

Enough about character flaws

Enough racial discrimination

Who makes these laws?

Just a twenty four hour period

We waste that in a week

To do onto others

As we pass them on the streets

If you can find no words

A simple smile and nod

Can brighten up the day

A clear message from Our God

Every thing will be alright

We will all be okay

If we start attempting peace

If only for a day

For days turn into weeks

Weeks turn into years

When we can recognize our hate

Is unrealistic fear

Fear of the unknown

Fear of reaching out

Fear of loving too much

The beautiful things we doubt

So on my day of peace

I will shout up to Him

It’s only for a day

But we acted more like friends

Maybe after all is said

And all is done

We can do it more often

Real battles to be won

So join me one and all

Let’s put the world at ease

Beginning with today

And My Eternal Day of Peace

Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?


When we seek reasons to hate

We find reasons to agree

We don’t all look the same

It’s how we were meant to be

Different tones of our skin

Different textures of our hair

Different eye color and accents

Why do we even care?

I may pray on a rug

While you worship in a pew

Does that mean God loves me

More than he loves you?

If I call Him Creator

While you call Him Lord

Does it mean more or less

What are we fighting for?

Is the land we walk over?

The definition of who we are

Even if we all walk under

The same heaven and same stars

Do you look at me funny

Because I am different than you

Or do you need to exhibit the hate

Which someone released on you?

Often in life we will treat

Others with distaste

Oh the things we have yet to learn

Oh the time that we waste

Your opinions about who I am

The bias you display

Is not about the God you love

But everything you hate

You hate what you fail

To even try and understand

We are supposed to all be different

All part of His plan

It’s silly if you think about it

What can my eyes take from you

It can’t make you more or less

You don’t even have a clue

The judgment we place on others

While we rationalize their cause

Take away from our path

Which always devised by God

He planted every flower

He created every hue

And now you hate me

Because I don’t look like you?

My brother you have more worries

Than your fear of my race

Check the depths of your soul

Before meeting the Creators face

And when that day does happen

I pray you have more to say

Than the ridiculous prejudices

You have shown today

For we are of one race

That would be the human kind

NO other false truth matters

Those truths are in your mind

For there is no room in this world

For the sins within the heart

And if we don’t pull together

We will pull our lives apart

God loves all His children

When will we get it right

We are all beautiful

In our Creator’s sight

So set aside your battle gear

Ease up on your vicious tones

We all have the same destination

Are you ready to go home?

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In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes

If you want the world to change

Start doing a different thing

Love instead of hating

Seek sunshine even when it rains

Our expectations have lowered

For ourselves and others too

Basically we get what we deserve

When evil comes from you

Evil isn’t always horned with fangs

Or a black cloak covering our heads

It can be a sweet beautiful woman

So don’t be misled

We have created images of strangers

Which are gruesome and scary

But the darkness comes from inside

So my loves please be wary

Sometimes the most dangerous people

Are hidden in clear sight

Giving a false impression of security

Saying everything is alright

Understand this thing today

Our preconceived notions in our mind

Can be the evil we encourage

When we leave God behind

When we think we know everything

When we make judgments about man

When we brutalize people

When stop trying to understand

A man cannot represent an entire

Group and its thoughts

For only God has that power

I think we forgot

If there is one great race

It has nothing to do with our skin

But we feed into that evil

It’s why we never do win

It’s why we are killing each other

Making excuses for our ignorant ways

Forgetting God created my look

I was meant to be this way

How dare we decide we are better

Because they are different than we

As if we created ANYTHING

Making it hard just being me

I am not a race of skin color

I am not a religion of debate

But I am a child of God

It is how I was made

You have no right to end my life

Because my look has you in arms

You have no right to place a hand on me

Assuming I may do you harm

For I am highly favored

My Creator walks with me

I will never be all the things

You may need me to be

So tonight while you walk

Trying to make yourself feel safe

Remember when you judge me

It’s God’s heart that you break

For among other things

I celebrate the path of my Lord

It is my only purpose

What He created me for

Save your bullets and hate

It’s wasted on my demise

Those actions aren’t of my God

That cannot be disguised

Share hope and spread joy

Send love through the sky

By allowing the grace of God

To shine in your eyes

 **We MUST stop the violence…**

Our Creator’s Hand

Our Creators Hand

The thing about reflections
Is no matter who you are
You are always hoping
That we can all see more

More than the obvious
But not to an extreme
Our hopes for the future
Our eternal dreams

Can we start looking past a race
Or accent which is strong
Can we come face to face as brothers
Where we have always belonged

Can we accept each others weaknesses
Will we join together as one
Can we hold hands harmoniously
Before the day is done

When you see me will you
Decide who I really am
And if another judges me
Will you stand by me…make a stand

Can we look off toward Heaven
As the destination of our path
Or will we wage war on each other
Remaking errors from our past

When will we learn that we
Are being tested every day
To prove to God we are ready
And are moving in His way

Once we can look past our differences
And can start moving toward the light
Our futures will seem less dim
And children’s will be more bright

For bias and prejudice has no place
In His royal home
No boundaries of country hood
Used for a war zone

The skies belong to no one
Yet man does as he is prone
Setting up times and boundaries
Ridiculous no fly zones

Look at who you are
See who you want to be
Embrace our Father
Face Him humbly

Admit you made mistakes
Guess what…He already knew
Errors build our character
Now lets talk about the truth

The truth is that God
Will always set you free
This is how it was
And forever it will be

But you must release ideas
Which man has ever touched
Guilt…nor pride…nor greed
Have never taught us much

Use this day of celebration
To forgive our fellow man
And feel the constant flow of love
From our Creators hand