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Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward


Today is “National Pay it Forward Day”. I don’t really know what that means to anyone else, since the statement is kind of broad. On one hand it literally could mean that I am going to give you what I have, be it positive or negative. On the other hand, it could mean I am going to pass something on to you monetarily. My preferred depiction of this day is much simpler, yet so complex for some of us…paying it forward means to me…giving you the love and support that I have been/or should have been given today.

Why should we pass something on to another that we haven’t even been given; one might ask. The answer is simple…because all things come full circle. In that respect wouldn’t you rather bountiful love comes greeting you around the next unexpected corner or hate and discourse? I, of course can only speak for myself, but all day…everyday I would choose to give and receive love.

Pay it forward…give something back. Show the world that although things look grim and bleak…we have better things ahead of us.

Yesterday, I posted a piece on my other wordpress site and I stated that love was all we needed, and a kind friend reminded me that love alone isn’t enough. I completely understood what he meant; for he followed it with…we have to be smart too.

Love is the base of all things, it shines…glows…creates peace and builds bridges. The truth is though; even though love is the base…we must construct our existence with what we know, as well. We do things because we care, which is a direct result of love. We should care, because we KNOW that when we are being kind and loving towards people…the reaction is glorious.

Pay it forward today, my friends…and use it as a roadmap for tomorrow. Pass on a smile, an embrace, a concerned conversation and even if you do not directly receive it back to you through that individual…you will be rewarded.

Today I had a heartfelt conversation with someone that had hurt me. But instead of rehashing a conversation that we had already had…I gently reminded them how much I love them…no matter what their life choices. It is my hope that it helped her day, made her smile…and therefore made another smile, too. What is the reward in that? I know God smiled on me, simply for the effort.

We waste so much time on what we need and want that we overlook the larger, much more significant picture. We were brought here to do God’s work…but the real question is…are we doing it? Are we doing what God wants from us? Or are we so caught up in us that we can see no further than ourselves?

Pay it forward today, send someone God’s love…it is what we are supposed to do. We hardly need a national holiday or event to remind us to do what is right…but I will gladly do so.

Pay forward the sunshine of a smile to everyone you see today…and soak up the feeling of joy it gives you when you see a person’s day change.

I love you all and wish you now, as always…peace and abundant blessings.