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How To Smile

How To Smile

I have felt your tear

Before it started to swell

I have lived your pain

Yes, I know it well

I know you are saying

Your problem is unique

It is…you are you

But the answers that you seek

I know a few of them

Because there once was a time

When the sadness that you feel

It was all mine

You may not want to hear this

You may feel it an intrusion

But to think I don’t understand

Would be a wrong conclusion

Pain within us can grow

Large and invasive

Look into my heart

I’m not being persuasive

We must release the inner grief

Let go of it I say

For the rest of your life

It starts today

Do not let the darkness

Pull you inside

It’s so hard to escape from

Harder to hide

For the love of our Creator

Is waiting for you now

Don’t worry about what you did

Yes, I will show you how

First take a deep breath

Let it all come back out

Take 15 minutes

To scream and shout

After that exercise is over

Recall in your mind

Something simple and sweet

A precious place and time

Focus on that idea

For it will carry you away

To how God envisioned

Your life should be today

It doesn’t matter what you see

In your own beautiful thought

Because it’s a place God put there

In case that you forgot

Now focus on that thing

And how it made you smile

Carry that thought around

In your heart again a while

What is the purpose of this

You may dare to say

It’s the simplest method

Of taking your pain away

Of course it is temporary

You will get sad again

But luckily this method’s reusable

Use it no matter when

The purpose of course

To show without deviation

How God loves you

Like all of His Creation

Don’t hold on to the pain

It will only hold you back

It can scar you for life

Like a severe heart attack

Move forward sweet ones

Because like the pain you knew

I also moved forward

It brought me now to you

So this tremendous blessing

Of sharing my pain

Is found in showing you

How to smile again




We justify the violence

We justify the hatred

We justify why it is

Okay that he is dead

You needed more updated pictures

Showing all his tattoos

Would that make a difference

If you were in his mother’s shoes?

Would you want someone to tell you

What vision the media could post

When you are talking about the one

That you loved the most

Would you think it fair when

Everyone gets to decide

If you deserved it

The night YOUR son died

Or would you look for compassion

While your heart is breaking

Yet ducking and diving from

All the criticism you are taking

Not a good mother?

Oh…lest not ye judge

On the matter of love

I will not budge

Her son died…point blank

She is stronger than most

And stands up…head high

With all the hate you post

When will we truly realize

Who are supposed to be

And stop imposing on others

Our false reality

We should be uplifting our brothers

Stop literally shooting them down

Then there would be no need

For “standing your ground”

If we all listened as children

When being told what was right

There would be nothing to fear

During the day or the night

God He walks with us

Stop finding reason to hate

Start looking for similarities

How we can relate

We are really one big family

Who is going to war

Forgetting God’s love

What we were brought here for

So I bid you one last thought

Before you lay down your head

Let’s stop attacking mankind

Build God’s bridges instead

The Eyes of A Child

The Eyes of A Child

If we could see the world through

The eyes of a child

What a world we would see

Such innocence…love…naivety

If we could see God’s beauty

With raw untouched kindness

We could accept each for who we are

A humanity of blindness

If we could look at one another

Like a child peers up at us

There would be no question why

It is in God we trust

If you noticed the small stuff

A child’s heart does see

We could start living in

Complete harmony

For the eyes of a child

Are filled with hope and joy

Not of hatred…or ideas

Of those we will later destroy

Children experience no prejudice

Except through those they hold dear

Never knowing…not realizing

It’s those ideas they should fear

For the selfishness of man

Oh, it can run so deep

For he won’t want the reminder

Of promises he didn’t keep

Like the promise to a child

Saying I will be here forever

With one foot out the door

Can’t seem to keep it together

If a child’s vision is one

We sought everyday

The blindness we live with

Would finally go away

There would be no abuse

Or environmental disasters

Just the love of a child

A trait we all could master

So when you look down into

Those eyes so bright and joyous

Remember its God’s reminder

Of how much He love’s us

Today use those child-like eyes

When imposing your views

For those same eyes

Are looking back at you

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward


Today is “National Pay it Forward Day”. I don’t really know what that means to anyone else, since the statement is kind of broad. On one hand it literally could mean that I am going to give you what I have, be it positive or negative. On the other hand, it could mean I am going to pass something on to you monetarily. My preferred depiction of this day is much simpler, yet so complex for some of us…paying it forward means to me…giving you the love and support that I have been/or should have been given today.

Why should we pass something on to another that we haven’t even been given; one might ask. The answer is simple…because all things come full circle. In that respect wouldn’t you rather bountiful love comes greeting you around the next unexpected corner or hate and discourse? I, of course can only speak for myself, but all day…everyday I would choose to give and receive love.

Pay it forward…give something back. Show the world that although things look grim and bleak…we have better things ahead of us.

Yesterday, I posted a piece on my other wordpress site and I stated that love was all we needed, and a kind friend reminded me that love alone isn’t enough. I completely understood what he meant; for he followed it with…we have to be smart too.

Love is the base of all things, it shines…glows…creates peace and builds bridges. The truth is though; even though love is the base…we must construct our existence with what we know, as well. We do things because we care, which is a direct result of love. We should care, because we KNOW that when we are being kind and loving towards people…the reaction is glorious.

Pay it forward today, my friends…and use it as a roadmap for tomorrow. Pass on a smile, an embrace, a concerned conversation and even if you do not directly receive it back to you through that individual…you will be rewarded.

Today I had a heartfelt conversation with someone that had hurt me. But instead of rehashing a conversation that we had already had…I gently reminded them how much I love them…no matter what their life choices. It is my hope that it helped her day, made her smile…and therefore made another smile, too. What is the reward in that? I know God smiled on me, simply for the effort.

We waste so much time on what we need and want that we overlook the larger, much more significant picture. We were brought here to do God’s work…but the real question is…are we doing it? Are we doing what God wants from us? Or are we so caught up in us that we can see no further than ourselves?

Pay it forward today, send someone God’s love…it is what we are supposed to do. We hardly need a national holiday or event to remind us to do what is right…but I will gladly do so.

Pay forward the sunshine of a smile to everyone you see today…and soak up the feeling of joy it gives you when you see a person’s day change.

I love you all and wish you now, as always…peace and abundant blessings.



Be nice to your elders

Open their doors

No if’s and’s or buts

Don’t make me tell you anymore

Play nice with your friends

Stop calling her names

Look, you made her cry

You should be ashamed

Stop, we don’t hit

Use your indoor voice

I don’t want to spank you

But you’re giving me no choice

Where did you hear such a word

Go to time out

I can’t believe the words

That came from your mouth

Do not tell a lie

Always speak the truth

Be a good girl and boy

What is the use?

If I get one more call

From a teacher from school

Telling about how you

Continually break the rules

Where did you ever learn

To be so obscene

What? From me?

What do you mean


We are old enough to view

The things that you say

And the things that you do

I hear you gossip

About the lady in town

Who talks to herself

After her little boy drowned

I hear you say bad words

To people when we’re in the car

Saying …go back to your country

While picking dad up at the bar

I’m not sure what gay is

But one night when I was in bed

I heard you say they were

Better off dead

Once you said the “N” word

It shook my insides

It was after you told me

I had to be nice

I love you both

You know it’s true

But is it my fault

If I’m just like you?

As for the girl that I hit

Real hard on the arm

Dad, you remember

Like the way you hit mom

At that moment

My mother did cry

What have we done

How… why

Why do we blame our children

For the things that they say

When they hear us say similar things


Do as I say and not as I do

Can corrupt our youth

Shouldn’t we check ourselves

Start looking for the TRUTH

Children are not little adults

They are our path of love

It is our job to protect and guide

These gifts from above

When you next point a finger at a child

While judgmentally shaking your head

Perhaps you should glance at a mirror

At yourself instead

For God’s law says love

While man’s law says hate

Let’s reap what we sow

Before it’s too late

**IN trying to do our part we are donating a portion of the proceeds of our book “The Light of Our Path” to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, Inc.**

Small Stuff

Small Stuff

If we began remembering the little
So called lessons of our time
The larger catastrophic things
Would fall right in line

Everything would be in its place
No time would then be spent
Wasted on “maybe’s” and fears
Of unforeseen events

For the large things become smaller
When we take away their glory
When we concentrate on the small stuff
It’s a whole different story

Miniature smiles on faces so sweet
Become pots if gold to those we meet
The larger debt we may never spend
Becomes a quiet lunch with a friend

When the large stuff seems smaller
Small stuff it grows
When did we forget the power
Of the scent of a rose

When did a walk in the park
Begin to seem so boring
We fell asleep in life
Never heard the snoring

Wake up and notice
Love is in the air
In case you forgot
…it was always there

The soft feel of a feather
As it brushes your skin
Reminding us of strength
We all have within

Feather and strength…
You may not get the sight
But how does a soft feather
Help an eagle take flight

See…it’s the small things
That makes life worthwhile
Never underestimate the power
Of a beautiful smile

Great nations were built
On a simple notion
With God all is possible
…with True devotion

So when we look around and feel
We have been slighted
Remember the little things
That kept us delighted

A baby’s first smile
A child’s first lost tooth
The knowledge that God
Is always the Truth

Don’t get lost in the moment
Because hasty moments are brief
It can feel like our souls
Will never find relief

But relief is only
A prayer away
So let’s hold onto
Small stuff today

All of Mankind

All of Mankind

I know love thy neighbor

I remember to love God’s creation

However in my reading I didn’t see

Which was the better nation

I didn’t come across in scripture

Of any Holy book writing

Where God said Go ahead

I don’t mind the fighting


But it must be written somewhere

Someone had to say it was okay

To be the divine judge and jury

Of living our life this way

But what if I told you

In all the truths you may find

That an eye for an eye

Will just make all of us blind

It will keep us from seeing

What is right in our face

To love and be kind

Relying on our Lord’s grace

Killing is wrong no matter

Who is doing the act

Justice is not revenge

Don’t distort the facts

A kill for a kill will only

Make a cemetery over crowded

It should have never started

Why have we allowed it

We have stepped away from the way

We were told to live or lives

It’s not about the biggest weapon

Or only the strong will survive

Anger is hard to step away from

The darkness can be enticing

But step away we must try

Evil can seem inviting

The enemy is not found

In the hearts of any man

But the temptation of hate

Can be hard to understand

It grows without water

It spreads like a disease

It can make us think God

Is the last thing we need

We know Evil asked God

If he had permission to test

The will of man…god said

Give it your best


So the emptiness we feel

The anger that boils hot

Is about Evil testing our faith

Taking its best shot

After all we would never tell

Our kids kill people as they sleep

Becoming a wolf on the prowl

Hunting down sheep

But it happens and did

And as the world was shocked

Evil smirked and bellowed

See God…they forgot


They forgot that your love

Could see them straight through

Any adversity their way

Turning their back on you


However our loving Creator

Sprinkled the air with hope

Saying ~ careful Evil you’re

On a very thin rope


For my creation was built

In the likeness of me

And while they might stumble

They will soon see


They will seek forgiveness

They will search for peace

I know their hearts

I feel at ease


While peace may not be easy

And easy is rarely right

Know that strength is not found

In he who continues the fight

The victor in this difficult life

Is never ever found

In the number of fired weapons

Or munitions on the ground

For we will be judged by our acts

And the choices that we bade

The people which we helped

Not the enemies we made

Humanity begins when we

Fail to let Evil fill our minds

And start creating bridges

For all of mankind

 ***I hope you get a chance to join me at Dversepoets for their open link Tuesday at 3pm est

On a more personal note…I do pray that Our Creator guides us towards peace