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My Queendom

My Queendom

I am lost

Yet I am found

I am silenced

Yet I am sound

I am darkness

But am light too

I’m always me

And sometimes I’m you

I am wrong

And sometimes I’m right

I am loved

By the keeper of the Light

My religion is unknown

My race is His

My stand on Humanity

Is only this

No matter what you see

There is always more

While you struggle with a window

He opens a door

My skin tone isn’t as important

As the contents within

Stop the discrimination

Cater to the hearts of men

I am all things forever

I am what I was meant to be

I am the Light and the Way

I am all Humanity

I am My Father’s child who

Gladly does His will

Despite all my faults

He loves His child still

I am the sun and the moon

And all planets in between

I am the sky and stars

I am a Princess…a Queen

I represent creation

I represent Freedom

Mostly I represent My Creator

Welcome to MY QUEENDOM


A Smile

A Smile

As long as she is smiling

We never have to know

About the hidden pain within

And how fast that it grows

As long as she is smiling

Our hearts won’t be breaking

About the angels’ father

And the things he has been taking

As long as she is smiling

Curiosity never peaks

About the struggles she faces

Because we are so weak

As long as she is smiling

We are protected against

The vile intention of man

Which really makes no sense

How can a smile after all

Make us blind to what is there

Overlooked bruises and neglect

With long flowing hair

Yet we ask no pertinent questions

We offer her no relief

Everything will be alright

Is just an ignorant belief

She is not alright now

Hasn’t been so in years

Only the bravest soul

Can smile past inner tears

He took her innocence

And even though we may suspect

We use her smile to push it away

Leaving nothing but regret

Only one question it would take

To point out what is there

A question to give her hope

In a small life of despair

Open your eyes and better

Let your heart show you the truth

Only one chance may be given

What if that one chance…is you

These things always end badly

Scars are left on a soul

Because we wanted to see a lie

Evil became our role

The abuse may be hidden

Even if only for a while

Until a funeral for a girl

Can no longer be hidden

By a smile

** 1 in 3 girls are sexually molested between the ages of 5-15, in the United States…DAILY**

**Every 15 seconds a female is killed by someone that claimed to love her**



-L.M. Young

A Simple Smile

A Simple Smile

Open up your heart today

For the heart cannot tell a lie

It embraces this life

Love is emitted when you cry

While tears may seem a bother

When they start to flow

It opens up your heart

For the truths you must know

For a single tear drop falling

Holds within its own mass

More hope and possibilities

Than Alice’s Looking Glass

This direct source of connection

Can touch others in a deep way

It reactivates their hearts

It happens every single day

Have you ever seen another cry

Even someone that you don’t know

You felt the heaviness in yourself

Your own heart starts to grow

It swells beyond measure

A lump develops in your throat

It’s what the greatest songs are about

Strongest lines a person ever wrote

What is this feeling coming over us

We are puzzled and perplexed

And as serious as this is…it won’t

Prepare you for what is next

For this overwhelming anguish

You are starting to feel

Is the purest divine love

Now tell me it isn’t real

Tell me our Creators love

Is invisible…not really there

Then why does a strangers tears

Bother you…why do you care

I’m laughing…but not at you

The confusion this thought brings

Says you were made from love

And other such spiritual things

How many times have you brushed away

A person for simply wishing you peace

Treating them like an inconvenience

Not as a child of God…but like a disease

Peace and blessings upon you

What about that seems funny

When did we start thinking what counts

Is all about the most money

What about peace bothers you

Why hide away all the love

What are you really thinking

What are you made of

For within your truer self

You will one day really see

Why love is so important

For saving humanity

It is the love we were born with

We really can’t do without

It could end all acts of violence

Of this I have no doubt

For loving your neighbor

And his neighbor too

Isn’t about anyone else

It is really about you

It is about your divine path

It is about your own soul’s place

It’s about realigning our mind with truth

Saving the human race

So release those inner demons

Telling you that you shouldn’t care

Lift your hearts up to God

Release you inner despair

Open your hearts I beg you

Reconnect with your Source

And enjoy the journey of love

It’s our predestined course

Set aside your angry tones

Embrace those in need

Feel your heart blossom

Your soul is being freed

For within every tear drop

Is the core of His Grace

Where is God’s love now?

Rolling down your face

Love one another freely

You don’t need any permit

And if you need a real sign

I guess this is it

Release your love on to the world

It’s been waiting for a while

Open your heart to mankind

Beginning with a simple smile

Happy National Healing Day


As all should truly be

 Today the healing

Starts with me…

Healing endures…

Not like medicine or cures.

It opens the heart

To the minds closed doors…

The rich can’t afford it.

Although it’s free… for the poor.

The secret is to meet it with love.

I have ventured further

Than I care to mention into places

Where faces are from.

 I have seen pure hate and have mocked its state

So much it was what I had become.

I have let water drip

In the sink in my kitchen,

Seen amber alerts

And ignored those went missing

Have lied have cheated have killed have stolen

 So much that it’s rendered me sick.

I prayed for a way to not make another me…

I needed this healing day quick.

I ordered a round

For everyone at the bar,

Tried to drown in my food

Pop pills crashed cars.

 Guilt is a wound

That leaves no blood and no scars.

Fighting, running,

Hiding hearts

Using abuse to hide my abuser

Selling but buying from users…

Working the job to the dead end street

Earning nothing to pass on to my feet

A soldier a father a mother a child…

The illness is ignorance the blessing is smiles.

The hug is electric the eyes hold a spark

The herbs of the earth

 Is it not written is yours…

The water is heavenly it falls from the sky…

Then rises again like us when we die.

The healing is for all

 When we share it we’re alive.

So if death is disease……

The healing is life.

~Allin All

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward


Today is “National Pay it Forward Day”. I don’t really know what that means to anyone else, since the statement is kind of broad. On one hand it literally could mean that I am going to give you what I have, be it positive or negative. On the other hand, it could mean I am going to pass something on to you monetarily. My preferred depiction of this day is much simpler, yet so complex for some of us…paying it forward means to me…giving you the love and support that I have been/or should have been given today.

Why should we pass something on to another that we haven’t even been given; one might ask. The answer is simple…because all things come full circle. In that respect wouldn’t you rather bountiful love comes greeting you around the next unexpected corner or hate and discourse? I, of course can only speak for myself, but all day…everyday I would choose to give and receive love.

Pay it forward…give something back. Show the world that although things look grim and bleak…we have better things ahead of us.

Yesterday, I posted a piece on my other wordpress site and I stated that love was all we needed, and a kind friend reminded me that love alone isn’t enough. I completely understood what he meant; for he followed it with…we have to be smart too.

Love is the base of all things, it shines…glows…creates peace and builds bridges. The truth is though; even though love is the base…we must construct our existence with what we know, as well. We do things because we care, which is a direct result of love. We should care, because we KNOW that when we are being kind and loving towards people…the reaction is glorious.

Pay it forward today, my friends…and use it as a roadmap for tomorrow. Pass on a smile, an embrace, a concerned conversation and even if you do not directly receive it back to you through that individual…you will be rewarded.

Today I had a heartfelt conversation with someone that had hurt me. But instead of rehashing a conversation that we had already had…I gently reminded them how much I love them…no matter what their life choices. It is my hope that it helped her day, made her smile…and therefore made another smile, too. What is the reward in that? I know God smiled on me, simply for the effort.

We waste so much time on what we need and want that we overlook the larger, much more significant picture. We were brought here to do God’s work…but the real question is…are we doing it? Are we doing what God wants from us? Or are we so caught up in us that we can see no further than ourselves?

Pay it forward today, send someone God’s love…it is what we are supposed to do. We hardly need a national holiday or event to remind us to do what is right…but I will gladly do so.

Pay forward the sunshine of a smile to everyone you see today…and soak up the feeling of joy it gives you when you see a person’s day change.

I love you all and wish you now, as always…peace and abundant blessings.

Love’s Ingredients

Love’s Ingredients

How carelessly we talk

Saying the first things on our tongue

We talk about the people on the street

Their homes, jobs even their young

We thoughtlessly cast our ideas

Out into the mid air

As if our opinions were made true

By throwing it out there

We talk about other races

Talk about religions worldwide

Is this hate or just ignorance

I simply can’t decide

We talk amongst ourselves

Gossip destroying the hope of man

WE know we shouldn’t…yet still do

Should stop…but not sure we can

Our words can feel like razors

Sharp and hard to heal

It’s not hopes they are given

But they dreams that people steal

We kidnap the light from man

Throw water on his fire

Until he forgets his path

His hearts true desire

We walk around in darkness so long

It seems bright enough

Waking up from that fallacy

Now that one can be tough

For the problem with this disease…hate

Is we’ve been feeding it so long

We have forgotten how to do right

And are inclined to do wrong

I really don’t mind reminding you

Emit the love God passed out

It mends fences…builds bridges

Of that there is no doubt

Start smiling every single day

Even if they look at you odd

Remember you’ve spent a lot of time

Trying to dim the light of God

So the backlash is deserving

You should have known better by now

But take one day at a time

You will do it somehow

Teach your children love through osmosis

Let the joy you have spread

Letting opportunities of hope

Fill inside their heads

We spend far too much time

Shaking our fists up high

Complaining about the choices

The ones we let slip by

Yes we did it…we failed ourselves

Even though we knew much better

It’s why I’m writing this down

Why I’m sending you a letter

Watch your speech and tones

Knowing when you do speak

It should be the equivalent

Of touching an angels cheek

So softly whisper unto God

I’m sorry for my disobedience

Mix it with love…sprinkle joy

All of love’s true ingredients

Eternal Day of Peace

Eternal Day of Peace

Calling to all people

From as far west as east

I’m declaring today

My eternal day of peace

Laugh if you must

But all jokes aside

For one entire day

Lay down your pride

Seek only the goodness

We were given since birth

No snappy remarks about bias

Or what we each are worth

No debates about religion

Or who God listens to

Set aside your indifference

Yes, I’m talking to you

One day isn’t much, considering

The years we spend at war

Lay down your weapons

Your internal samurai swords

Love your neighbors often

Just simply by saying Hi

Be courteous at the grocery store

To people passing by

If you see trash on the street

Slow down…pick it up

Remind our children to be kind

I have had enough

Enough about separation

Enough news about death

Enough worry about the children

So few of them left

Enough rules of isolation

Enough about character flaws

Enough racial discrimination

Who makes these laws?

Just a twenty four hour period

We waste that in a week

To do onto others

As we pass them on the streets

If you can find no words

A simple smile and nod

Can brighten up the day

A clear message from Our God

Every thing will be alright

We will all be okay

If we start attempting peace

If only for a day

For days turn into weeks

Weeks turn into years

When we can recognize our hate

Is unrealistic fear

Fear of the unknown

Fear of reaching out

Fear of loving too much

The beautiful things we doubt

So on my day of peace

I will shout up to Him

It’s only for a day

But we acted more like friends

Maybe after all is said

And all is done

We can do it more often

Real battles to be won

So join me one and all

Let’s put the world at ease

Beginning with today

And My Eternal Day of Peace