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Love Is All We Need

Love Is All We Need

I watched a young girl cry

She was on the news

She spoke of being raped

Battered and abused

She said that he hit her

He caused her to be ashamed

But when tomorrow arrived

It would be more of the same

People were horrified

How could we have missed

When she softly cried

My father did this

Sad but yet true

It happens every day

Our children are mistreated

We throw them away

We act as if they are little adults

Our toys with which to play

Yet ask for more

When we bow down to pray

Why are we shocked

Why are we alarmed

When we turned a blind eye

When she was being harmed

Now it’s gone too far

Because it’s ugly and sorted

It’s easy to believe truth

When it is so distorted

So we are left with broken hearts

Guess what…hers is too

Imagine living with such pain

What was she to do

Watch for the signs

The ones you can’t explain

The quiet…the anger

Which mask further pain

Ask questions of concern

Do not claim it is a lie

Some truths are painful

But don’t let them slip by

She is reaching for your heart

At least give her your hand

Hold her tight and close

Say you will try to understand

For Shame and guilt will find her

They are not hers to ever claim

Stand beside her …head held high

Encouraging her to do the same

For although some scars

Cannot be detected

They can run deeper than you

Might have expected

Stand up on her behalf

Hope is a necessary seed

Know that in our lives

Love is all we need


Spare Humanity

Spare Humanity


The way we are living

There is no excuse

Women surrounded by

Violence and abuse

There is no valid excuse

There is no reason why

We should sit by in silence

While our sisters now cry

What did she do wrong

What words did she utter

To provoke such hate

Than one should muster

Our women are being attacked

Our mothers, sisters, and such

Being attacked verbally…physically

People using hate as a crutch


I am angered on this day

Another woman was attacked

For simply being who she is

Can’t ignore the facts

Pure cowardice living among us

Failing to follow a path of Gold

Reasoning and excuses

But the Truth will be told

For scars on a bloody face

Broken bones and fractures

Only bring our evil to light

Ignoring our Divine stature

Step up for the women

The ones who fear abuse

Select love or hate

What will you choose

For when we even attack

With our words or mean tones

We are creating a wedge

Leaving the rest to atone

Stand up beside me now

Reach out your hand in hope

You can touch more hearts

Our souls have an endless scope

Tell her she is not alone

Give her life a chance to shine

Guide her to a safe place

In the arms of the Divine

Don’t want to get involved?

Don’t want to pursue?

Well if it was your daughter

What would you ask us to do?

Set aside your silent disgust

For silence may have its place

But to sit quietly to this evil

Is simply a disgrace

Scream to the rooftops

Violence NO MORE

Remind all God’s creation

Not what we were created for

Realign your paths

Own up to your responsibility

Stand up for the women of the world

And spare our humanity

**Please join me in Praying for Mallory Owens…NO woman should have to endure such hate

Hidden Heredity

Hidden Heredity

  November is Native American History month. I am always prompted to write about my heritage during this month specifically because I don’t think that enough is widely known about this beautiful group of people, which are my family.

My teenage daughter has never, been taught anything about Native American History in her school system; in fact the only information she has…comes from our conversations. I, of course, do not mind telling her about my heritage…as I find it to be the most significant thing about me. This week, however I posed a question to myself and did some research to try and understand why we don’t hear anyone speak in a Native American tongue. I wanted to understand what happened when Native children were placed on reservations. The information I found was startling and disturbing.

It all started with something called “Kill the Indian and save the man”. The title alone left me in chills. How does one separate the two? What I learned brought me to tears. Native American children were placed in boarding schools, under the guise of giving them the benefit of an “American” education. Their culturally significant hair was cut, so the children wouldn’t stand out. The children were also told that if they spoke in their native language or spoke of their culture, they would be punished. And, dear readers, they were severely punished. The children that attended the boarding schools were as young as 6 years of age. The children who had difficulty remembering to not speak in their indigenous language were beaten and made to eat soap. I even read about an incident where a young boy died from choking on the soap. As a result of this conditioning the children and later adults became afraid to speak or participate in their own culture. The way they dressed was changed, as it was part of the Americanization process which was started by George Washington.

These indigenous people were forbidden from participating in their traditional dances and feasts, polygamy, funeral practices and the “medicine men” were prohibited in the ways of their culture. The people of the United States also felt that it was the responsibility to convert the indigenous culture to Christianity and suppress the native religions and practices that had been a part of their culture. This practice was referred to as “making apples”; where the man would be red on the outside, yet cultured to be white on the inside. In fact, if a Native American was found guilty of practicing “heathen rituals” it was punishable by serving up to 30 years in prison, until the law changed in 1978.

I found these facts to be very unsettling. I was upset by this because these practices are just another way for man to try and control another group of people…using fear.

Please understand that we were not placed on this earth to manipulate or control anyone else. It is our nature to be loving…we were created to do so. It is never okay to degrade or tear another person or group of people down. One culture, religion or race is not better than the other. We are one group of beings…always created to be ONE with our Creator. It does not matter by what name we refer to Him. We are supposed to find peace and give it others. We are supposed to love ALL people, not just those who we understand or those who have an understanding of us. It is our job to promote the love of God, who is the Creator of all things. We have no right to restrict, ban, isolate, or segregate people from their way of life. It is not fair nor is it GODLY of us to say that a group of people must adhere to our culture…or else.

I am of Indigenous descent…I am proud of my culture. Unfortunately, this blog is necessary. It is necessary because if we do not change our way of thinking…we will continue to hold back entire groups of people. We are brothers and sisters under God’s Heaven…we should start behaving as such.

In The Name of Indifference

In The Name of Indifference


I write a lot about children; it, in fact, is my favorite subject. I love to listen to children playing and laughing. It is unfortunate that lately I write about the children that we have lost. Perhaps we shouldn’t say lost; when we lose something it is an accident. The children I have written about weren’t accidentally taken from their parents.

The world has a way of looking at the circumstance of a death and focus on that; we lose sight that these beautiful souls had a life. Mathew Shephard was a breathing human being; he had goals and dreams. His life was cut short because 2 young men decided to beat him half to death; his body was then left to the bugs and animals while he was tied to a post on a hill top. Xiomara Jonsales- Fernandez was a 9 year old little girl who was sexually molested by her step father for 6 months; before he killed her. She had a family that loved her; and because she was going to tell what was happening to her; she was taken out of her bed and her step father stabbed her. He raped her before he killed her and then he stabbed himself; of course, he didn’t die and is awaiting trial. Trayvon Martin was a teenager. He got in trouble every once in a while; like most teens do. He was visiting his father; he went to the store. As he was walking home from that store he was killed, by a neighborhood watch commander. We can speculate why that happened; but in the end; all that matters is that he was killed. He was taken and those who knew him are left to grieve. Amanda Todd was a 15 year old girl; she would have been 16 in November; she killed herself. She was a typical teenager. She experimented with things; boys, sex, the internet…and it caused her; her life.

I heard someone say that society is too sensitive. We aren’t teaching our children to be tough enough. I beg to differ. I think that our failure is found; in our inability to show our children humanity. We fail. Hardening our hearts to the bitterness of others; only makes us bitter too. Why would the answer to the problem be…to become the problem?

When we pray; if we choose to, do we pray for a harder hearts, more guns, more bullets, harsher words or more violence? No. We pray for hope, forgiveness, patience, love and understanding. If these are the gifts we ask of our Creator; why would we ask less of our children?

The answer cannot possibly be to make our children tougher; when we live in a world where children carry semi-assault weapons. Have you watched the news? The warriors that are now going to war…are 13 years old. We need to teach our children to be tougher?

I say to you…no. Our job and where we fail at it; is not in desensitizing our children; but in failing to humanize society. We are supposed to shine light on people who live in darkness…not somehow encourage them to participate in the world’s indifference.

So much has been said about the above mentioned children that there is almost very little more to say. But if Mathew Shephard was less sensitive…would he be less dead? He was killed for being gay. If he hadn’t been open and honest about himself; would that have been better? I think not. He was murdered; by a society that has grown frigid.

Was Xiomara Jonsales-Fernandez killed because she was too sensitive? No, she was murdered because she had taken all her little body could stand. And a coward killed her…after using her body…at 9 years of age.

What about Trayvon Martin? If he was tougher; he might have carried a gun. He might have felt threatened by the neighborhood watch commander. Out of fear or frustration; he might have shot and killed him. Then our discussions would have been very different.

If Amanda Todd had been less sensitive; would she have still killed herself? Was she too sensitive; or was she reacting like anyone else would have? How much is too much? I don’t know; I am a grown adult and if there were pictures of me posted all over the internet, without my permission…I would certainly be angry. After a while; I think that the anger would turn to frustration and hopelessness. The internet is a large place and she was just a child.

I intentionally left out the names of the people responsible for the deaths of these children; they have received enough press and notoriety. I am not willing to glorify the horrific things they did, by giving their names any press.

I am a very sensitive person; I cry easily. I feel things deeply. These feelings and emotions are what lead me to writing. When I heard about these children; I cried for them and for those left behind. I was hurt by the evil that stole them from us. And in that emotion; I found the strength to stand up and write to the next person who may be on that same path. Emotions make us human; they connect us to our Creator.

How can we agree that we were born…of love…and then conceal it? We are not too sensitive; by saying that we are giving silent permission to grow cold and indifferent toward our fellow man.

Perhaps if we instilled more love in our children; and made it unacceptable to be ill toward others; then we wouldn’t have to mourn children like these. Why would we rather change what is right and embrace what is wrong with our world?

I pray that we all make the choice to make a change. I hope that the change we make is for the better; promoting harmony among the races, accepting whatever choices we make for our personal lives, I hope that we learn that children are precious. I hope we change the terrible way we speak to each other and our children begin learning the loving nature that we were born with.

If my hopes are just pipe dreams; I will happily live that dream. I will walk with my head held high; I will always write the good fight. I hope that the changes we make; will be long lasting. Love one another, not for self…but for eternity.

Reach out…lift up…and may not another tear have to fall, in the name of indifference.


If Not Now

If Not Now


Someone I love once told me; we all want to try and get a different outcome from the same problem. Realistically we understand that using the same solution over and over again will not bring about a different outcome.

So why don’t we do something different I asked; and she said because we are afraid of change. Even though she and I were talking about something more personal, in content, that statement is true of all situations.

I believe, in my heart, that we are all good people. Why then, do we sit back and watch the travesties in our world occur and not step in? Why do we sit back and hear the literal cries and screams of our next door neighbors, fall on deaf ears? We may not know exactly know what is going on in that house, but wouldn’t it be better to be wrong than to be silent…and wake up to a news report about a domestic violence situation that became deadly? Wouldn’t you rather someone care enough about your children or grandchildren, that they would risk being wrong?

I understand, we don’t want to get involved. The fear of confrontation can be chaotic, at times. The first step can be the loneliest. The first step of any endeavor can be frightening; it could be poorly received, or unwelcome. But wouldn’t it be better to take that risk, as opposed to sitting in silence when someone could be being beaten…right next door?

We have children in this country who are viciously and maliciously abused…everyday. These children are not savagely beaten by strangers; a recent study shows that 79.4% of the abused children in our country are abused and often killed by their parents.

Now I ask again; why shouldn’t we make a change? If we are worried and concerned about how we will be received by people if we say something…what happens to those innocent children?

I watched a show on television one day; the show simulated an actress playing a “babysitter”, and she was verbally abusive to a child about 6 or 7 years old. The purpose of this exercise was to see how people would react to this behavior, in social situations. I must say I was rather shocked, as grown men, even though disturbed by the “babysitter’s” behavior…said absolutely nothing to her. When asked later about why they said nothing; they simply said they kept waiting for someone else to speak up and when no one did, they decided not to say anything either.

This was a sad representation of what we have become. Understandably, we don’t want to get involved…but if not us…then who? If we do not speak up on behalf of the child obviously being spoken abusively too, or being battered and neglected…who will?

I know this probably seems like I am laying a lot on you…and truthfully I am. But I am saying this not only to make you think, but to show you that your heart is speaking to you…we must start listening.

We are losing our children to the hands of haste and hate. Change can be frightening, because it is new; but that does not mean that it is bad. Everything had to begin somewhere; someone had to take that first step. We can not continue to crawl through life as if we are going to get anywhere, except across the living room floor.

This is not the life that we are supposed to be living…I promise you. God is watching us…it is all a great test. Every decision that you make today, tonight and tomorrow; is being reviewed. Our humanity is being tested, every time we encounter people.

How would you want the world to treat you or someone that you love? Would you rather it walked passed hurriedly; or perhaps you would rather it walked slow enough to stop and ask the important questions? Are you okay? Is there someone you would like me to call? Humanity is easy…we are making it too hard.

Love one another…shine God’s light…that is our true purpose.

If you do not make the change that you want to see in this world…than who will? If not now…when?



We justify the violence

We justify the hatred

We justify why it is

Okay that he is dead

You needed more updated pictures

Showing all his tattoos

Would that make a difference

If you were in his mother’s shoes?

Would you want someone to tell you

What vision the media could post

When you are talking about the one

That you loved the most

Would you think it fair when

Everyone gets to decide

If you deserved it

The night YOUR son died

Or would you look for compassion

While your heart is breaking

Yet ducking and diving from

All the criticism you are taking

Not a good mother?

Oh…lest not ye judge

On the matter of love

I will not budge

Her son died…point blank

She is stronger than most

And stands up…head high

With all the hate you post

When will we truly realize

Who are supposed to be

And stop imposing on others

Our false reality

We should be uplifting our brothers

Stop literally shooting them down

Then there would be no need

For “standing your ground”

If we all listened as children

When being told what was right

There would be nothing to fear

During the day or the night

God He walks with us

Stop finding reason to hate

Start looking for similarities

How we can relate

We are really one big family

Who is going to war

Forgetting God’s love

What we were brought here for

So I bid you one last thought

Before you lay down your head

Let’s stop attacking mankind

Build God’s bridges instead

True Reality

True Reality

In my perfect world there

Would be only sunshine and rain

Rain to help things grow and sun

To make all things new again

There would never be a sign of war

And hate wouldn’t have evolved

There would have been no sign of drugs

And no need for gangs to be dissolved

Our streets they would be safe

For our children all the time

And I would watch over your children

As you watched over mine

There would be no need for debate

About ending a long war

And no reason to explain what

We were even fighting it for

No weapons of mass destruction

No threat of nuclear attack

No talk of man made supremacy

And what other groups may lack

There would have been no trail of tears

And slavery would only be in books

No segregated water fountains

And no disapproving looks

Women always could have voted

And we all started on even ground

We didn’t hold each other back

And no bias could be found

We all looked at one another as equals

As God has from the start

We didn’t try to kill each other with words

Or tear one another apart

There was no unlawful imprisonment

And the jails aren’t over run

We don’t have racial profiling

Be patient I’m almost done…

But like in your world…there is God

Whom we turn to as day is done

Whose will is as constant

As the rising and setting of the sun

And, so I wonder sometimes why

If we say we believe in Gods will

Why we are selling drugs to children

And becoming more violent still

We still make excuses for

Attacking our fellow man

Fighting over boundaries

Killing people over land

We still point a finger when

We think someone else is doing wrong

Yet turn a blind when it’s us

Different day…same song

I wonder if we will ever

Even want to get it right

And start seeing who we really are

And start using our clear sight

How many children will the world

Bury in one day

Because of wars their parents waged

Instead of letting kids just play

How many people will we hold back

From the path that God has set

For some selfish goal that we

Are certain must be met

I pray that there will come a day

That my perfect world will be

Nothing I had to dream of