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Meet Jasmin Farnum

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Meet Jasmin Farnum

Professional Mission Statement

From High School Dropout to MBA graduate, Farnum is a TV/Internet Producer| Director| Writer| Host of The Jasmin Farnum Show, believes strongly in collaborating with genuine talent, but knows the value of ownership and controlling of your own brand. Her Motto “Never let it rest until you are better than YOUR best.” In business, she asks herself these questions: [1] Is it clear; [2] Can I do it and [3] Will it work, [4] Who needs it, [5] How will it make money? Her vision is fixed solidly on God and a belief system that allows her to walk by faith not by sight. With that belief system it is understood that change comes from within and often is not immediately evident.
At age 50, for her it is not business as usual it is not all about money but it is all about right (even wrong relations serve a purpose) relationships and resources. Above all her service to the Most High is her guiding light.
About Me:
Wife, Mother, sister and a loyal sister Retired 9-5’er (believes you don’t need a job you need vision, accompanied by clearly written plan, passionate for your divine purpose and crazy faith that it shall produce wealth). Founder of Relationship Matters: Stop Domestic Violence and Relationship Abuse a 600 member International Professional Network of domestic violence survivors and service provider. Passionate writer (blogger, internet content, E-books and e-articles), documentary filmmaker, and businesswomen (Founder/Sole-owner Creative Minds In Sync Media Productions and Publications) President of New York-Eastern Regional Chapter of Women of Concern Professionals Strategic Consciousness Networking Executive Board Member Women of Today Working Opportunity Network Holds BA Business Administration and MBA Media Management Host The Jasmin Farnum Show Producer for Television and Internet Media (Currently Productions available on Cable TV, Blog Talk Radio and Worldwide via the Internet: Project E.M.O.N. Bi weekly series on optimal wellness and WOCP Radio/TV Documentary Filmmaker (Fat Isn’t Me 2010) (The Making of La Bella Lady Diva 2011) both screened at 2012 Pocono Mountains Film Festival

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Your Cup Has Run over

Your Cup Has Run Over

  My cup; it runs over. This is a true sentence. If we give it much thought; we would have to agree. This does not say that the cup is only filled with rainbows and unicorns; but that my blessings are bountiful.

  I have led a very balanced life, while it was not always filled with wine and roses; it was always filled with love. Love is a funny thing; when we are going through tough times; we may say that we are not loved. We can develop the mindset that love equals “smooth sailing”.

  For me, love is not the equivalent of smooth sailing. Allow me to give you an example; if you are punished as a child for telling a lie; do your parents still love you? If you fall off of the skateboard that you were told not to ride, breaking your arm; are you still loved? If your 20 year marriage ends in a messy divorce; does this mean that you were cheated out of love?

  We are constantly given love. It may be strongest when we are told “NO”; as opposed to when we are met with no disagreement.

  Things in this life can be difficult; but why do we make them unbearable?

  If I am told, by a source greater than I, to hold some sand; what does that mean? Initially I may hold out my hand and let the sand fall into it, as I create a cup from my palm, to hold it safely. My thought process being that; surely I would not be asked to hold more than a handful of sand. When the sand continues to pour into my hand; until it is overflowing and I have to use my other hand, who is at fault? Suppose both hands are full and over flowing; we are forced to begin filling the sand with a bowl. As the bowl gets fuller; we realize that we need a bucket, barrel, or even a dump truck.

  What was the point of this? We were not created with boundaries. I was not told that I would only be given enough sand to fill one hand; I made that assumption. I decided what my limitations were. I, who was created from an infinite Source, decided that I would only be asked to hold as much…as I saw fit.

  This same is true when we are met with adversity. We decide that we are not supposed to have to suffer. We decide how much is too much, for us. Just as with the handfuls of sand, we grow anxious and agitated; when our own self imposed limitations have been over run.

  How can we, after all, KNOW how much that we can take? We are limitless. We are not bound to the borders and lines that we have created ourselves. We are only bound with the limitations that were given from birth.

  The truth is that we were given NO limitations. Do we ever say, I have more happiness than I can handle; can you take some back? NO, of course we don’t. Why? We have decided what we WANT to handle; and we made it law.

  In my life I have known hardships; I have heard some say that it wasn’t fair. I was somehow cheated into carrying around the weight of several people. The truth is though; you, nor I, can determine how much…is too much.

  If we allow ourselves to be of the mindset that we have limits; then we will always feel defeated. There is a higher purpose for all things; but we may not know what that purpose is, until we are met with them. For instance, we may think that we could never handle being homeless. But if that were a REAL limitation; why would there be so many homeless people? Rape or domestic violence may seem like a limitation; so how would we explain the numbers of survivors, who have lived to tell their stories? Why do people with Cancer, Lupus, Diabetes, kidney disease, patients on dialysis; live? Surely those impairments are more than we should have to handle. Yet there are people who live with these diseases and situations…every day.

  My cup, it runs over. I am given and accept all of my challenges, in this life. I stand straight and strong, in the wake of a storm. I will not allow MY WILL to defeat me. I am not owned by a disease, simply because man says I should be. I am not defeated by a situation, such as abuse, simply because people have said that it must be unbearable. I am supported and carried; by a love that is deeper and longer than anything that man can decide is TOO much, for me.

  Even in the middle of a disaster; I am loved higher than, any anguish I have suffered. This does not mean that people who are abused; or have endured great pain, aren’t actually suffering. It only means that my limitations are not determined, by me, or anyone else. I will take all I can take; until my body can no longer withstand it.

  In any regard, the sand will always overflow your HUMAN hand. We will always be met with challenges. We just have to understand and appreciate that with these challenges; we will also have realized our TRUE strength.

  Stop counting the travesties of your life, they are a fraction of the total experiences that you have had. Blessings are given daily; every moment of this life, is something to be grateful for.

  Today I challenge you; count every blessing that you experience. It may be hard, because we have developed the mind state that we deserve to have certain things. We may feel that we deserve to breathe, to walk, to speak, to hear; but the truth is; that we deserve nothing. Yet we are given certain blessings anyway.

  Count your blessings today; and at the end of the day…let’s see how many times; your cup has run over.

The Reason For The Season

The Reason For The Season


  I think that sometimes we can get lost in the commercialization of things this time of year. The proof of that is everywhere we look. Every store or shop seems to have their own idea of how to make the season more festive and memorable than the year previous.

This year, however, has been a little rougher for me than most have been…which I believe is a test of my strength and willingness to submit to the will of our Creator. So I have sat and endured every Christmas cartoon known to man…I have watched store Santa’s posing with pictures of children who would rather be ducking and weaving in and out of a four lane highway. I have watched retailers attempt to make their sales and “bargains” look like what we might want Christmas to be. All of this, isn’t always a bad thing…it’s always nice to see the excitement of children and the hidden secrets that this particular holiday seems to bring.

This year was completely turned around for me…I was all ready to become “Scrooge”. And in my mind, I had reason to. Then something wonderful happened in my life…I experienced the love of God through the heart of my daughter.

First you must understand, she is a teenager…not unlike most teenagers. She wants things, and she knows that there will be things that no matter how much she wants them, or how much I wish I could get them for her…she just won’t receive them. But this brown eyed beauty decided that this year for Christmas she wanted to play Santa Claus for a child on her school’s “Angel Tree”. Keeping in mind that she knew that by us buying for another child meant that her lean Christmas list…just went on a diet. She didn’t care. I remember the day that she was talking to me about it…tears in her eyes. She just wanted to make a child happy for Christmas. And so we went shopping for this sweet 2 year old boy that she didn’t know and would never meet. We got him a few things…which she picked out. She went home and wrapped them and placed them in a giant gift bag and took them to school.

I can not even begin to express to you the joy that I felt through her at that moment. But I can only really think of one comparison which may assist in my lack of descriptive prose. Watching her was like the feeling I would get as a young child coming in from the cold. I would get to drink this giant coffee cup filled with creamy Hot Cocoa…you know the kind I mean…with the foam on the top from the giant melted marshmallow that used to be there. When you drank it, it was like your body was literally thawing out. There were parts of my body that were coming to life that I didn’t even realize were frozen.

My daughter became that for me…a sweet, warm, smiling example of that chocolaty goodness. And the real magic was…she made everyone feel that way. We all laughed and sang songs and smiled at everyone today.

All of this made me think about the saying…the reason for the season; it was like a light bulb came on. The reason for the season…is to give to others that in which we are given. It isn’t about video games or wish lists. It is about reflecting the love that God has given us…and sharing it with everyone else.

It may be true that we don’t have as much as the next person, but what we have is intended to be shared. I always try to remind others of our blessings, because we can get caught up in what we don’t have and we forget what we do have. We may not have tons of presents under the tree, and as true as that is…there will be people who do not have a home to put a tree in…never mind the presents underneath. We may not have a huge Christmas feast, but there are people who will not have food to eat on Christmas at all…or any other day. We will miss those we lost this year and our hearts may weep for them…but there are people who will spend this holiday all alone. Can you imagine living on this huge planet and feeling like you are all alone?

Today my daughter warmed our hearts…by simply opening hers. I hope it is an example that is set not in vain. Reach out for someone today, touch their hearts and don’t be afraid to warm their souls. God only asks that we give to others what HE has given to us…HIS LOVE. It costs nothing to love one another. If the only present you give to someone is your time…it is time well spent. Shine on one another…the reflection is that of our Creator.


**I actually wrote this last year…but I felt it beared repeating…Peace to you one and all

On Earth

On Earth

If I had to leave here today
With only one thing
It would be the love I’ve found
In all living things

If I had to walk away
From my life as it lies
I would walk away fulfilled
With a heart that realized

Nothing is permanent here
It wasn’t meant to last
It’s not supposed to be forever
But it’s been a blast

I found love in abundance
I found light unforeseen
I’ve watched people come to life
With fairytale dreams

I watched people reach out
I watched them try  their best
Keeping their eye on the path
Leaving God to do the rest

I have seen more in my years
Than I ever thought true
Who knew I had so much
Living to do

So if I left here today
I’d be thankful and then
I’d ask God
To send me back again

For the true measure of man
Is not found in his purse
But in hearts of those people
He loved here on earth

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s day to you

The greatest man in my life

And no it’s not the man

Who made my mom his wife

But it is her father who

Became my very world

When he reached out his hand

To big brown eyed girl

He became my biggest blessing

Taking me on his long walks

Listened so intently when

We had heart to heart talks

He in fact showed me love

He was my biggest fan

Displaying the behavior

Of a wonderful man

He gave me hugs by the millions

Never tired of questions I asked

Patiently waiting for my inquiry

About today…the future…the past

You were the greatest Dad

That you never had to be

If little girls love gave medals

You would have it certainly

You wore my love with honor

I felt like a Princess or a Queen

You were there for every cut and scratch

And the bad stuff in between

And though now you live in Heaven

Where royalty does belong

Know that you made me who I am

Brave enough to battle any storm

So on this day of daddy’s

Know that I would choose you too

Thankful God chose you for me

Happy Father’s Day to you

I Thank You

Though it may not have been your intention
May not have been your goal
You helped create in me
More strength than you’ll ever know

It may seem odd that I thank you
For it was my body that you frayed
But it helped my soul survive
I finally found my way

For if I had not survived your anger
Outlived your violent rage
I would have never known
The love I’ve found today

I found the love of me
I am surrounded by love of self
No longer setting myself aside
Putting my needs on a shelf

You helped me realize
What I did not need
I never had your love
Your heart was filled with greed

You had to control me
Shadow me from beings more bright
While my focus was dimmed
My heart has found the light

Yes, I have found my way
My true ordained path
Higher elevation
And my soul is able to get past

I’ve gotten past the scars
Meant by your angry blows
Rising above the fear of
Bruises and broken bones

Now I’m all about thanks
But don’t get that wrong
It really isn’t because of you
That I’m singing a different song

But the fact that is here
And will always be
I…love God
And guess what…He loves me

He loves me no matter what
You ever tried to take with force
He loves me…for me
And that keeps me on my course

While you may have thought
You were breaking me down
It is when you are at your lowest
That you start looking around

Looking around at the gift of life
At all our Creator has done
And while you think I was defeated
That you had really won

It was at my lowest when
My spirit was lifted up
While you had the smug look
You thought you had won

But defeat was never possible
I’m loved higher than you have been
You may think I lost
But with God…I always win

Now I can reach others
My true and destined path
And you are a faint memory
A grim and ugly past

So I found my strength
More than my life ever knew
For your anger pointed me to God
So today…I thank you

** I hope you will all join me at d’verse poets pub every Tuesday at 3pm est for open link night**

Also…domestic violence is not what any woman would choose …if you know someone who is being abused…reach out…step up

Dear Me

Dear Me,

   I decided to write you today to remind you of a few things…in case no one told you lately and so you can tell others, as well.

   First of all, smile. Smiling can brighten your day and may cause others to smile too. If you give it a moment of thought, you can find a world of reasons to smile; but let’s start out simple. Smile because God allowed you to wake up today…He gave you another opportunity to spread His joy…not everyone received it. Smile because today is another day that you will choose to love and spread peace instead of choosing the darkness and negativity those others may radiate.

   Laugh. When things get tough today, laugh it off. Blink past your tears, and rest your soul in the knowledge that your laughter will wash away the bitterness that people tend to emit toward others.

  Forgive someone today. You have to believe that they did not realize the callousness that they exhibited would hurt you so much.

  Always remember that it is okay to love even those who walk in darkness. Just remember that not everyone has your best interest at heart…but don’t let them dim your light. Jealousy, envy and greed can touch anyone; don’t you remember back when you needed forgiveness?

   Be gracious…none of us are perfect. Just know who your real friends are…smiling…hold your head high…and move on. Negativity has no place in your life. Finally…love who pleases your heart.

  Don’t worry about what other people think or believe or want…as long as you love with Gods pure light…then you are doing His will. Not everyone will understand love on that level; all you can do is pray for those people.