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An Angels Hands

An Angels Hands

In the darkness it seems

We know all there is to see

Believing our own lies

Those of humanity

Why can’t we wake up

A simple answer is this

It is not our problem

It is hers…it is his

The darkness while inviting

For it preys upon our fears

All the while causing

The pain within our tears

To live in darkness is one thing

Especially if we don’t know

That there is a divine light

Waiting to help us grow

The light is not an illusion

It is the Truth…Path …The Way

It is the road map of our lives

Always been this way

While we claim we are alone

Abandonment all around

The illusion is in the thought

God’s love needs to be found

Oh, my beautiful brother

Love is not contained

It is found in every drop

Of our Creator’s rain

It is found in a sunbeam

It is in the oceans deep and wide

In all points up and down

Backwards…forward…side to side

God’s love need not be sought

It is not a material thing to earn

Just in thinking that

Means there is so much to learn

Love is in the air and water

It is all we eat and drink

It is in an unexpected smile

Love is more than what we think

Love is not a direction yet

Can guide us just the same

Love is not about

Our Savior’s Earthly name

Love is the beginning

Love will be in the end

Love is in an enemy

Just as a loving friend

Love is the exception

To all rules which we know

It exists in a year long drought

Yet still thrives in a winter’s snow

Love is the only reason

We were sent here to be

It’s the hope of the future

Endless possibilities

Love can mend bridges

Can mend a broken heart

It is and was all things

From the very start

So while you think it hopeless

I will give this candle to light

To help you see the truth

That what I say is right

No need to listen to me

Your beating heart will speak to you

Hold on to the rhythm

And what it says to do

Go forward and tread lightly

Speak softly in your tones

For the love in which you seek

You have already owned

The darkness is an illusion

We are never left alone

So stop with the anger

Cast aside your stones

Love one another often

It is what Our Lord demands

You will then learn that you

Have been holding an angels hands

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More Than You’ll Ever Know

More Than You’ll Ever Know

Fear not my angel
Loss is not felt here
There is no crying
Over those no longer near

And don’t allow that statement
Make you feel sad or alone
There is just a warm comfort
When Our Father calls us Home

We are sad at first…of course
I wanted to call you too
There were things I wanted to say
Things I wanted to do

But the best part of it all
Is I get to watch you now
As you do all of the things
That I once talked about

You are remembering the moments
I said I wanted to go here or there
I hope you realize…I told you
Because you were the only one who cared

Now you can take that trip
Even go on a train
And I can watch and smile
Love I can’t refrain

While you may feel guilty
For doing what I wanted to do
Know that by you enjoying life
I get to enjoy life too

So smile that million dollar smile
Flash that light to the world
It reminds me how well you loved this
Insignificant girl

Not to say I wasn’t important
But I was so much more valuable to you
You wrapped me up in your love
With all you chose to do

You still do it today
Of that I am sure
Remind the world
Of a love so pure

So cry every once in a while
Tears always help life grow
But smile when you think of me
You’re loved more than you’ll ever know

Love of God

Love of God

I come here quite often

Just my thoughts you see

Where the world won’t judge

What is happening to me

Not that I am guilty of

Any sort of real crime

I’m just the keeper of

The large secret of mine

I tried to tell once or twice

But accusations thrown my way

Showed that I was meant

To live my life alone in pain

I know he doesn’t mean it

I should not push him so hard

If I was better and gentler

I wouldn’t have this scar

He is just under a lot of pressure

No one would understand

The threat of abandonment

Could destroy this angry man

I went to the police and begged

Please make him go away

But they just asked what I did

To make him act this way

I felt attacked and isolated

Like he said that they would do

I felt interrogated…a criminal

Out of there I flew

So now it’s just me and silence

My new very best friend

My forged smile and pleasantries

Will be here til the end

For at the end of my story

No rainbow or pot of gold

Only a shiny rock with a name

And a story never to be told

So I tell it now to God

For soon we will hold hands

He will know I did my best

To make them understand

His temper raged on and on

For no apparent reason or rhyme

He just kicked and hit, slapped and maimed

This weak body of mine

I am at fault I know because

I hid the bruises so well

I made excuses about clumsiness

The stories I would tell

Then one night all alone

I prayed with tear swelled eyes

God please take me now

Do not make me arise

For the fear of waking up

Is larger than deaths unknown

Please wrap me in your loving arms

I don’t want to be alone

He lifted me to Heaven that day

It was a joyous moment for me

But I hope it taught a lesson

For those on earth to see

For you see 275 million kids

Experience violence in their home

NO one to call…no one to tell

NO sanctuary of their own

We are breeding violence daily

To watch it that close you see

Creates more abusers and abused

Inbred hostility

The loudest screams for help

Are found in silence so now

We must look a little deeper

To help our children some how

For we lose more women and children

To assaults via family tree

Than car accidents and diseases

Please set these caged birds free

Give them wings and air to breathe

Do not further assault their abuse

By finding blame in a victim

Whose life they didn’t choose

In the U.S. alone they say

Every 9 seconds a woman is hit

And if we ever needed a sign from God

I promise you this is it

Stand tall and take their hands

Ask not what they did wrong

But find shame in the fact

That we waited this long

Find a way get them help

For one more moment has passed

Another child is in danger

The clock is ticking too fast

So at my closing I will say

I was blessed by an angel too

But there are more lost sheep

They are waiting now for you

Do not let another woman or child

Go unnoticed…out of shame

Hold them tight and lift them high

In our Father’s name

Let no tear fall away again

Start a smiling campaign

Show them the Shepherds’ walk

Where the love of God is sustained

A Simple Blue Eyed Girl

A Simple Blue Eyed Girl

Sitting high above

I see you’re in pain

Wish I was there

To hold you again

But life does move on

Even when we aren’t ready

While your heart is stirred up

Your soul remains steady

For a birthday isn’t about life

Not when yours has ended

But about hearts that you touched

Broken fences you mended

And remember now and always

You mended my heart too

I was also blessed

The day God created you

I know you feel a loss

God knew that you would

But things have worked out

The way that they should

My eyes forever dance

My smile lives on forever

While our bodies are estranged

Our souls dance together

So cry not another tear

But you if you must…then smile

For as I was your gift

You made mine worthwhile

So sing our stories aloud

Show them love does exist

And if they don’t believe

I beg you to insist

For the true journey of life

Never ends in death for us

WE are forever bonded

In a circle of blood

So I thank God for the experience

Of having you to share

Never miss my life for I

Am with you …everywhere

Smile that glowing smile

And shine to the world

Signed forever with love

Just a simple blued eyed girl

**To My sister…may we all find the peace…that found you

A Smile

A Smile

As long as she is smiling

We never have to know

About the hidden pain within

And how fast that it grows

As long as she is smiling

Our hearts won’t be breaking

About the angels’ father

And the things he has been taking

As long as she is smiling

Curiosity never peaks

About the struggles she faces

Because we are so weak

As long as she is smiling

We are protected against

The vile intention of man

Which really makes no sense

How can a smile after all

Make us blind to what is there

Overlooked bruises and neglect

With long flowing hair

Yet we ask no pertinent questions

We offer her no relief

Everything will be alright

Is just an ignorant belief

She is not alright now

Hasn’t been so in years

Only the bravest soul

Can smile past inner tears

He took her innocence

And even though we may suspect

We use her smile to push it away

Leaving nothing but regret

Only one question it would take

To point out what is there

A question to give her hope

In a small life of despair

Open your eyes and better

Let your heart show you the truth

Only one chance may be given

What if that one chance…is you

These things always end badly

Scars are left on a soul

Because we wanted to see a lie

Evil became our role

The abuse may be hidden

Even if only for a while

Until a funeral for a girl

Can no longer be hidden

By a smile

** 1 in 3 girls are sexually molested between the ages of 5-15, in the United States…DAILY**

**Every 15 seconds a female is killed by someone that claimed to love her**



-L.M. Young

On Earth

On Earth

If I had to leave here today
With only one thing
It would be the love I’ve found
In all living things

If I had to walk away
From my life as it lies
I would walk away fulfilled
With a heart that realized

Nothing is permanent here
It wasn’t meant to last
It’s not supposed to be forever
But it’s been a blast

I found love in abundance
I found light unforeseen
I’ve watched people come to life
With fairytale dreams

I watched people reach out
I watched them try  their best
Keeping their eye on the path
Leaving God to do the rest

I have seen more in my years
Than I ever thought true
Who knew I had so much
Living to do

So if I left here today
I’d be thankful and then
I’d ask God
To send me back again

For the true measure of man
Is not found in his purse
But in hearts of those people
He loved here on earth

Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Accept me for who I am
For I have no need to be
What you may want
Not my responsibility

Take things I say to you
Directly to your heart
It’s where the truth was born
From the very start

Don’t allow your vision
Cloud your inner self
For insight has a way
Of giving soulful wealth

There may be things in this life
We may not will to be so
May not like the sun so hot
Or the way the wind does blow

But just like we may not like that
It never was our choice to make
Be the change needed in the world
But we should start today

You may not like something’s I say
But I will tell you just like this
I never lived my life for you
My will was always His

For when you disagree
Judge by shaking your head
Remember the hearts’ an open book
When’s the last time you read?

Judge not want not
A tall order no doubt
But live for this moment
Never do without

If I am somehow displeasing
To your eyes or to your ears
Remember I’m precious to God
Let’s be perfectly clear

I will leave you with this thought
I love you no matter what you do
Maybe it’s time you started
To love yourself too