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Love Is All We Need

Love Is All We Need

I watched a young girl cry

She was on the news

She spoke of being raped

Battered and abused

She said that he hit her

He caused her to be ashamed

But when tomorrow arrived

It would be more of the same

People were horrified

How could we have missed

When she softly cried

My father did this

Sad but yet true

It happens every day

Our children are mistreated

We throw them away

We act as if they are little adults

Our toys with which to play

Yet ask for more

When we bow down to pray

Why are we shocked

Why are we alarmed

When we turned a blind eye

When she was being harmed

Now it’s gone too far

Because it’s ugly and sorted

It’s easy to believe truth

When it is so distorted

So we are left with broken hearts

Guess what…hers is too

Imagine living with such pain

What was she to do

Watch for the signs

The ones you can’t explain

The quiet…the anger

Which mask further pain

Ask questions of concern

Do not claim it is a lie

Some truths are painful

But don’t let them slip by

She is reaching for your heart

At least give her your hand

Hold her tight and close

Say you will try to understand

For Shame and guilt will find her

They are not hers to ever claim

Stand beside her …head held high

Encouraging her to do the same

For although some scars

Cannot be detected

They can run deeper than you

Might have expected

Stand up on her behalf

Hope is a necessary seed

Know that in our lives

Love is all we need