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Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?


When we seek reasons to hate

We find reasons to agree

We don’t all look the same

It’s how we were meant to be

Different tones of our skin

Different textures of our hair

Different eye color and accents

Why do we even care?

I may pray on a rug

While you worship in a pew

Does that mean God loves me

More than he loves you?

If I call Him Creator

While you call Him Lord

Does it mean more or less

What are we fighting for?

Is the land we walk over?

The definition of who we are

Even if we all walk under

The same heaven and same stars

Do you look at me funny

Because I am different than you

Or do you need to exhibit the hate

Which someone released on you?

Often in life we will treat

Others with distaste

Oh the things we have yet to learn

Oh the time that we waste

Your opinions about who I am

The bias you display

Is not about the God you love

But everything you hate

You hate what you fail

To even try and understand

We are supposed to all be different

All part of His plan

It’s silly if you think about it

What can my eyes take from you

It can’t make you more or less

You don’t even have a clue

The judgment we place on others

While we rationalize their cause

Take away from our path

Which always devised by God

He planted every flower

He created every hue

And now you hate me

Because I don’t look like you?

My brother you have more worries

Than your fear of my race

Check the depths of your soul

Before meeting the Creators face

And when that day does happen

I pray you have more to say

Than the ridiculous prejudices

You have shown today

For we are of one race

That would be the human kind

NO other false truth matters

Those truths are in your mind

For there is no room in this world

For the sins within the heart

And if we don’t pull together

We will pull our lives apart

God loves all His children

When will we get it right

We are all beautiful

In our Creator’s sight

So set aside your battle gear

Ease up on your vicious tones

We all have the same destination

Are you ready to go home?

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