Daddy Don’t Go

Daddy Don’t Go


Daddy don’t go

The girl softly cried

I’m coming back

Just another lie

I wonder if he knew

The choices he did make

Would damage a life

A heart he did break

If he had only looked back

Seen that last tear fall

He could have righted a wrong

In no time at all

Maybe if he had been there

She wouldn’t have needed

The attention negative or not

Which abandonment breeded

Her mom was there yes, but

Who can really say

What would have happened

Had he not left that day

Our daughters are precious

We must try and understand

Their fathers help create

Their future’s floor plan

For Daddy when you leave

Someone else will step in

And since you weren’t there

No telling how it will end

Are you responsible for others…no

But from the very start

You were supposed to be there for her

And that fragile little heart

When you stepped out on mom

You walked away from this sweet girl

Who loved you every single day

You were her entire world

So when she now makes choices

As we sometimes tend to do

Remember her greatest teacher

Was supposed to be you

Don’t make this love story

End before it starts

Cause saying “Daddy don’t go”

Even breaks a woman’s heart



An Angels Hands

An Angels Hands

In the darkness it seems

We know all there is to see

Believing our own lies

Those of humanity

Why can’t we wake up

A simple answer is this

It is not our problem

It is hers…it is his

The darkness while inviting

For it preys upon our fears

All the while causing

The pain within our tears

To live in darkness is one thing

Especially if we don’t know

That there is a divine light

Waiting to help us grow

The light is not an illusion

It is the Truth…Path …The Way

It is the road map of our lives

Always been this way

While we claim we are alone

Abandonment all around

The illusion is in the thought

God’s love needs to be found

Oh, my beautiful brother

Love is not contained

It is found in every drop

Of our Creator’s rain

It is found in a sunbeam

It is in the oceans deep and wide

In all points up and down

Backwards…forward…side to side

God’s love need not be sought

It is not a material thing to earn

Just in thinking that

Means there is so much to learn

Love is in the air and water

It is all we eat and drink

It is in an unexpected smile

Love is more than what we think

Love is not a direction yet

Can guide us just the same

Love is not about

Our Savior’s Earthly name

Love is the beginning

Love will be in the end

Love is in an enemy

Just as a loving friend

Love is the exception

To all rules which we know

It exists in a year long drought

Yet still thrives in a winter’s snow

Love is the only reason

We were sent here to be

It’s the hope of the future

Endless possibilities

Love can mend bridges

Can mend a broken heart

It is and was all things

From the very start

So while you think it hopeless

I will give this candle to light

To help you see the truth

That what I say is right

No need to listen to me

Your beating heart will speak to you

Hold on to the rhythm

And what it says to do

Go forward and tread lightly

Speak softly in your tones

For the love in which you seek

You have already owned

The darkness is an illusion

We are never left alone

So stop with the anger

Cast aside your stones

Love one another often

It is what Our Lord demands

You will then learn that you

Have been holding an angels hands

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Being a mother has been

My biggest blessing

It’s my gift from God

My reason for being

Watching children grow

Is like watching a smile form

Furthering the knowledge

Of why I was born

I couldn’t imagine my life

Absent of my child

For the love of her

Makes life worthwhile

That million dollar smile

Which always kept me going

Lit up my empty life

She not even knowing

I’m humbled forever

By the joy in her face

Further proof of

My Savior’s grace

If you are a mother then

You know what I am saying

Its instant gratification

In watching them playing

Whoever would have thought

Life’s biggest reward

Would be wrapped in

The sweetest voice ever heard

But you won’t hear me complain

About the time which I’ve spent

It’s like having a ring side seat

At every life altering event

God must love me deeper

Than I ever realized

By allowing me the privilege

To gaze into those eyes

So to my fellow mother’s

I wanted to acknowledge your duty

By recognizing it for what it is

A thing of real beauty

You have filled those young minds

Embraced hearts that have grown

Given God’s grace and love

With every kiss you have thrown

Every nurturing embrace

Said so much more than you knew

It healed every time you gave

That external I Love You

I thank you and thank God

For leading me to my way

I love you now and forever

Happy Mother’s Day


The Problem Is…

The Problem Is…


I tend to write poetry; I think people find it easier to read and it gets read more often. There are times, however; when something much deeper must be said and therefore I lay my rhyme aside.

Yesterday I read a very brief statement; where someone was talking about a man who stepped in and aided a woman who was being pushed around. The man, who stepped in, got beat up pretty badly. In the statement the man who got beat up was criticized for stepping up; but he wasn’t criticized half as harshly as the woman who was getting beat on.

The claim was made that women have the benefit of lying about domestic violence; and they don’t leave when they should. The writer went on and on with accusations about how if a situation was “THAT BAD”, she would have left.  This person’s rambling’s deeply disturbed me; so here I am I now…with my rebuttal.

Have you ever been punched in the face? Has anyone ever grabbed you by your throat so hard that it cut off your oxygen supply and you passed out? Has anyone ever grabbed your hair so hard that they pulled it out by the handfuls and your scalp is left to bleed? Has someone ever made you have sex with them? Have you cried the whole time it was happening? Has a Doctor asked you about the vaginal scarring? Have you ever been afraid of telling someone you love about you getting beat up; because it may put them in danger, too? Has someone ever followed you…everywhere you go? Has he kidnapped your child? Has he attacked you in a court room? This is what is referred to as “domestic violence”.

Personally, I do not agree with that term. Domestic indicates tame; for example, a cat versus a lion; is domestic. A dog versus a wolf; is domestic. I suppose they say Domestic, because they live in our homes…but I assure you when you are getting assaulted over 89 times in 90 days…it is more comparable to the war in Afghanistan.

So let’s address the careless words I mentioned earlier; why would she stay?

The bigger question is this; do you think her abuser would let her leave, so easily? Let us not forget…its control…not love. If she leaves, she may go to the police; he may get arrested. Or worse, she may move on with her life. Most abuse victims have no exit strategies; and it isn’t easy to just walk away.

While I know that staying isn’t what she may want; I know it can be a way of being stuck. It is important to create an exit strategy. Reach out to someone that you trust…that he does not know.

While the writer of the article, I mentioned before, showed no understanding or compassion for your situation…I know what your life is like. But I also know that you must find the strength to walk away from it. Statistics show that the longer you are in that situation; the less likely you are to survive it; or the more likely your children are to be conditioned to seek a relationship similar to it.

Please get help…and if you do not know where to get help…reach out to someone anyone…and ask them to find help for you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

As for my reason for writing this….I will gladly avert my attention back to you.

Do women lie about abuse? I would think women  are as capable of lying about abuse; as men are capable of lying about working late; or that woman that they claim is like a “sister” to them. As human beings, we are all capable of lying; but it is a far larger sin to under react when someone reaches out for our help; just to have us swat their hands away…than to come to the rescue…only to find a cat sitting on a tree limb. In any scenario, when we start choosing what is worthy of our time…we have failed humanity.

To touch on another point that you made…I mentioned that your point of view was part of the problem; and you stated that her not leaving was the problem. I find that ironic. I find it insulting, yet consistent with everything else you said…the problem…sir; is that SHE EVER GOT HIT TO BEGIN WITH.

In closing, my friends; I have only this to offer you, man was never supposed to be the object women needed protection from. Men were, from the beginning of time, supposed to protect their women. At the beginning of this I told you that a man stepped up and defended a woman; being pushed around…this man gave me hope. He showed me that even at risk to himself…he did the right thing. A real man…defends a woman…everyone else…makes excuses. Which would you want for your daughter?

Meet Danita Rountree Green

Meet Danita Rountree Green

Danita Rountree Green

Danita Rountree Green
Author s Educator s Entrepreneur
“Life shrinks and expands in proportion to our courage.” – Anais Nin
Danita Rountree Green (R. Satiafa) is a writer and researcher who works in the fields of African American Folklore and Women’s Studies. She is a graduate of the University of Virginia and a native of Richmond. Her previous titles include BROOM JUMPING: A CELEBRATION OF LOVE (1992) which helped to create the cultural wedding industry boom of the 90’s and GRANDMOTHER’S GIFT OF MEMORIES (1997) a Keepsake Journal for African American Women, a classic genealogical memoir. LOVE LOCKED DOWN (2009) is her first docu-novel that deals with the punitive effects of incarceration on society and was an Amazon Books Top 10 pick for 2011.
For almost two decades, Ms Green has been conducting workshops on legacy building, improving family relationships and the importance of establishing restorative traditions in our communities. She has shared the stage with noted writer Haki Matabuti, toured with Iyanla Vanzant (African American Women on Tour), and Levar Burton (Broadway Books author’s tour). Her work has appeared in countless internet publications as well as Style Weekly, Essence Magazine, USA TODAY and The Wall Street Journal. Currently, Ms Green serves as the Creative Writing Facilitator for the Mayor’s Youth Academy of Richmond. She is dedicated to teaching others to recognize the power of their words, and the blessings that come with re-languaging and restor(y)ing their lives. While currently pursuing her professional degree in Transformative Leadership and Social Change, she remains founder and CEO of TBL PUBLICATIONS and is affectionately known nationwide as The BroomLady.
“Words are powerful; they acknowledge and affirm who we are. It’s my goal as a wordsmith to give wings to the visions of others through the Real Women Empowerment Project so that they may fly.” DRG

More information about Danita:
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Meet Asia D. Smith


Asia D. Smith

Asia D. Smith – Chief Executive Officer/ Founder
brings a unique combination of sharp business acumen
and strong commitment to restoring and empowering
victims and survivors of domestic violence, abuse, and
sexual assault to Purple R.E.I.G.N. Social Services.
Known for delivering the highest levels of excellence,
Purple R.E.I.G.N. is a 501(c)3 non-profit advocacy
agency created by OVERCOMERS dedicated to:
empowerment, prevention, intervention, education,
and eradicating the vicious cycles of domestic violence
and sexual assault.
As an award recipient from the New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women / WOCTF, State of
NJ Senate Commendation by Senator Sandra Bolden Cunningham, and Fellow of the National
Resource Center on Domestic Violence /WOCN Leadership Academy, Asia demonstrates
bold and innovative leadership by laying the foundation to set a national, unprecedented
standard of care for those that suffer the daily oppression of abuse, while simultaneously
challenging the status quo and bridging the socio-economic gap in historically underserved
communities. With a keen interest in violence alleviation and the devotion to improve the
quality of life of others, Asia is charged with overseeing the agency’s full range of business
development activities, capital access initiatives, grants, program administration, and
coordinating numerous community action groups / outreach.
With her commitment to the ongoing initiatives of Purple R.E.I.G.N., Asia has established
strategic partnerships and crafted key alliances with all levels of government, corporate and
civic organizations, correctional institutions, faith-based organizations, institutions of higher
learning, parent education networks, non-profit organizations, community based initiatives,
service providers, and much more.
Additionally, Asia has appeared on national media outlets, is a syndicated columnist, an awardwinning
professional, domestic violence and sexual assault counselor, anger management
facilitator, motivational speaker, author, curriculum/innovative domestic violence technology
programs developer, and offers high quality training, and consulting to a host of agencies,
organizations, advocacy groups, municipal personnel, etc.
Asia is an affiliate of a number of organizations that include: Women of Color Task Force –
New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women; Essex County Domestic Violence Working Group;
and The Integrated Justice Alliance. Furthermore, Asia has amassed nearly 25 years of
combined experience in community service, prison outreach, and as the former Domestic
Violence Response Team Coordinator for the County of Essex.
With numerous awards that include: The Richard D. Pompelio, Esq. Award of Leadership; New Jersey
Coalition of Battered Women/WOCTF: Community Spirit Award; Institute For Entrepreneurial
Leadership (IFEL) 2010 Award Recipient; 2010 – 2011 “Professional Woman of the Year” – NAPW;
Speaker/ Panelist -2009 NJ State NAACP Convention; Adjunct Lecturer: Essex County College,
Rutgers University, Columbia University; featured in various publications, national radio shows,
television appearances, and a highly sought after speaker, Asia’s accolades and achievements are
secondary to the education and experience she received from her success as an OVERCOMER of
domestic violence. She attains her objectives and “Turns Tragedy to Triumph” by using her voice to
Restore, Empower, and save the lives of millions with Integrity, Grace, and Nobility.
*In honor of the enormous commitments and contributions to the lives of others, Purple R.E.I.G.N. has been awarded a multi-passenger
van to transport victims and survivors to safety, and a home in Essex County, NJ, which will open as the first of many safe havens

You can find Asia here:

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