I Will

I Will

I will not give up today

No matter what transpires

My soul will march forward

Even when my body begins to tire

I will smile at Gods creation

Even if it doesn’t smile back

I will count all of my blessings

While the world tells me what I lack

I will keep on walking forward

While there are obstacles in my way

And when man says there is no hope

I will still continue to pray

I will look for the good in all

Whilst people acknowledge only the bad

And although you may want me to sit

I will continue making a stand

I will keep erecting bridges

Where people are torn apart

And even as you may think its over

I will tell you its barely begun to start

I will construct a chain of hope

Where some may break a link

I will smile and continue on my path

Before you get a chance to blink

I will smile in adversity

While staring at your fist

I will sing the praises of our Father

And the angels in our midst

I will love always my neighbor

While he may swear in my face

You may take my possessions

But never my Creator’s Grace

I will get back up and start over

Every time I do fall

I will be reminded of the tests

Which are placed on us all

I will talk about my Father

Hallowed be thy name

And while you may try my faith

The outcome is the same

I will ask God for forgiveness

Father they know not what they do

For while you may cast stones upon me

I will always pray for you

I will continue to spread joy

While man displays his hate

And I will submit to God’s will

And pray that before it’s too late

That you will see the light

Because the darkness tends to hide

The beauty you were born from

And the love you have inside

I will fail from time to time

As only real people do

But I will never give up on God’s will

How about you?


A Real Man

A Real Man

I wage no war against you

You are no enemy of mine

I only ask to be treated fairly

And the words you choose are kind

There is no need for a comparison

For our bodies are unique

I ask only of your respect

When you pass me on the street

Life can become difficult

When we create boundaries undue

I understand your struggle

And what you are going through

Hold back your anger

Bite your negative tongue

Lets put an end to animosity

That has gone on too long

I am not your enemy, in fact

God created me for you

But when you react with hate

In what you say and do

I will defend my honor

Of that you can depend

But I would rather be loving

At the very least be a friend

Let me help guide you on your path

God will lead the way

To a life of everlasting joy

And when together we do pray

You will feel divine energy

This will make our way clear

And it will become obvious

That our God is always near

So make me not a rival

Or a bitter angry foe

But a woman you respect

And are privileged to know

For I have the unsung spirit

Of my sisters before my time

And I will wear that badge gladly

The pleasure is all mine

For prior to there being a famous

Or upstanding man

There was a mother before him

Holding his tender hand

See I do not need your glory

And I don’t even seek your fame

But when we are talking of me

Remember to use my name

I am a woman always

And must be treated us such

Not a plaything you toy with

Or something for you to touch

I am not for you to stare at

And make judgments that are crude

There is no need for name calling

Or simply being rude

So when you think of demeaning

The very heart of who I am

Remember God loves me

And is by me where I stand

There is no need to discredit me

Or demean my body too

To make yourself feel better

About the weaknesses within you

So when you are staring and

Judging women within your view

Remember she’s someone’s daughter

And she has feelings too

Stand up and rise

Defend her honor if you can

Show the world what its like

To be a real man

Greater Than She Would Mention

Greater Than She Would Mention

You see her everyday

And yet she goes without attention

She moves ever diligently

No one even seems to mention

The sacrifices that she surrenders

The life strides that she makes

Her woes are gone unnoticed

She never will seek what we take

Often wearing a smile

So we never feel her pain

And tomorrow when we wake

She’ll do it all again

She is a beautiful warrior

And her armor is so divine

She is every woman we know

She ‘s your mother or mine

Our joy is her reward

And she wears it like a crown

Even if we seem ungrateful

And sometimes let her down

The passion found in her eyes

Is not about her own rewards

But the help she’s given others

And what they are striving towards

She’s our very own routing section

Our fan club president

Never complaining about what she doesn’t have

Or the time she has spent

On cheering us on

With our daily dreams

This undefeatable force

Who promises brighter things

She never lets us down

Unless she has no other way

She gives us hope for the future

Pushing us forward today

Unfortunate at times

                                                             We tend to take for granted her love

But she is vigilant still

Like our Father from above

So today when you have a moment

Make one is you must

To give thanks for the woman

The first you did trust

And tell her that you love her

And because of her your love will increase

To all the beautiful women in your life

And to all the people that you may meet

Never forget her sacrifice or the fact that she

Made it without regret or intention

Knowing the blessing of being your mother

Was greater than she would ever mention

Walk Together

Walk Together

Not sure when it started

Or who said it first

That woman is less

Words intended to hurt

Even worse than the intention

Than that statement tries to do

Is the fact that at some point

We started believing it too

Less than a man…

Half of his mind

We made less than a contribution

To the rise of mankind

Getting paid less than half

Of the same employers wage

Not good enough to be viewed the same

But let’s turn a page

Only the strength of a woman

Regardless of the sentiment of her worth

Is powerful enough to endure

The pressure of birth

And if we are so much weaker

Than our male counter parts

Why does he look for us to hold him up

Like his mother from the start

When he needs a shoulder

To make him feel whole

Why does he seek a wife

Or some female role

We were created to be caring

Made to be strong

And the myth of our weakness

Has gone on too long

So stop comparing my deeds

With what you may call power

Realize the same pain of a thorn

Reveals a beautiful flower

Learn to uphold all women

As God would have it be

And find the boldness of a mountain

The depth of the sea

And one day you will realize

The time that you wasted

On comparing your value

With what God also created

Smile now my brother

We do not want war

Just for you to remember

What we were brought here for

Let’s walk together

And hold each others hand

You will never need to know my lion

When I can be your lamb

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Our Limit is the Sky

Our Limit is the Sky


Shouts made in anger

Threats creating fear

Made to be so much worse

When said by someone dear

His words tend to cut

Into the very heart of you

Were there good times…yes

But in comparison…very few

He needs to make you feel

Less than the woman that you are

But not what God wanted for you

As he peers down from the stars

You may want to give up

Just throw up your hands

But I’m telling you not to

Find strength…make a stand

His words while hurtful

Are still not true

He has yet to know

The real woman…which is you

The sad people who hurt us

Trying to cause us pain

Only bring out our inner warrior

Where only light remains

We cannot be defeated

By their negative tone

Because one fact remains true

You are not alone

Any effort which he has made

To break your tender heart

Is only made fruitless by

He who created us from the start

No matter what effects man

Chooses to impose

God knows the path which

Turns a seed into a rose

He knows what is best

For His children one and all

He gives us courage to walk

When we think we can only crawl

Stand up my dear sister

Hold your head high

For our Father walks with you

And while its okay to cry

Know that when your tears

Have dried in the light of His love

You will soar like God’s angels

On the wings of a snowy dove

You have strength and power

Not yet even tapped

It matters not where you have been

Only where you are at

And you are at the feet of God

He will help you rise

For when we submit to His will

Our limit is the sky

Dear Me

Dear Me,

   I decided to write you today to remind you of a few things…in case no one told you lately and so you can tell others, as well.

   First of all, smile. Smiling can brighten your day and may cause others to smile too. If you give it a moment of thought, you can find a world of reasons to smile; but let’s start out simple. Smile because God allowed you to wake up today…He gave you another opportunity to spread His joy…not everyone received it. Smile because today is another day that you will choose to love and spread peace instead of choosing the darkness and negativity those others may radiate.

   Laugh. When things get tough today, laugh it off. Blink past your tears, and rest your soul in the knowledge that your laughter will wash away the bitterness that people tend to emit toward others.

  Forgive someone today. You have to believe that they did not realize the callousness that they exhibited would hurt you so much.

  Always remember that it is okay to love even those who walk in darkness. Just remember that not everyone has your best interest at heart…but don’t let them dim your light. Jealousy, envy and greed can touch anyone; don’t you remember back when you needed forgiveness?

   Be gracious…none of us are perfect. Just know who your real friends are…smiling…hold your head high…and move on. Negativity has no place in your life. Finally…love who pleases your heart.

  Don’t worry about what other people think or believe or want…as long as you love with Gods pure light…then you are doing His will. Not everyone will understand love on that level; all you can do is pray for those people.




 Empowerment…when this word is “googled” it has many definitions, so before we go much further…perhaps I should offer my definition, and explanation of the word.

 Empowerment of women…does not mean I want anything given to me; I am perfectly capable and willing to earn my own way. But it does mean that once I have achieved it, I expect acknowledgement…nothing in life is free…and my spirit is not for sale. Don’t make special rules for me; simply because I am a woman…the fact that I am female is my strength…not my weakness. Just because I was created with the ability to give birth, does not mean that is all I should do. But before I bypass that statement, allow me to say this…being a mother is a very rewarding choice…and those of us that excel at it…deserve applause.

 Empowerment is not a handout…it’s a way of saying; watch me grow, encourage my strength, admire my vigor…love my swag…and encompass my morals and virtuous ways of life. Embrace me, know that I realize the things I desire are not easy to accomplish…but that won’t stop me from working towards that goal.

 I do not ask for your respect…I demand it. An admiration of my outer self is always appreciated…but take the time to look beyond what is open for public consumption. I have something to say…and it is founded and grounded based on facts and personal experiences. Stop spending so much time trying to dispute my validity and sit quietly…and listen.

 There is nothing greater than our Creator…but always remember HE chose women to carry a fetus and give birth. You must acknowledge the thought of that…how strong a woman’s, mind, body, and spirit must be in order to give birth.

 As women we must never forget how far we have come already…and set attainable goals for the near and distant future. Remember not so long ago, women wished they could vote in this country. Now we have women who are law enforcement officers, lawyers, judges, authors, artists, well renowned poets…look at how far we have come. And we have gotten this far because a woman stepped forward and went against the grain.

 We only need to put one foot in front of the other…and with determination we will be making the advances that are needed to empower us into the next millennium.

 Let us stop holding ourselves back, giving excuses why we can’t succeed. No one can take anything from you that you do not give up freely.

 Remember to live, laugh and love…always remembering smiles can be found in the most unexpected places.

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