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Daddy Don’t Go

Daddy Don’t Go


Daddy don’t go

The girl softly cried

I’m coming back

Just another lie

I wonder if he knew

The choices he did make

Would damage a life

A heart he did break

If he had only looked back

Seen that last tear fall

He could have righted a wrong

In no time at all

Maybe if he had been there

She wouldn’t have needed

The attention negative or not

Which abandonment breeded

Her mom was there yes, but

Who can really say

What would have happened

Had he not left that day

Our daughters are precious

We must try and understand

Their fathers help create

Their future’s floor plan

For Daddy when you leave

Someone else will step in

And since you weren’t there

No telling how it will end

Are you responsible for others…no

But from the very start

You were supposed to be there for her

And that fragile little heart

When you stepped out on mom

You walked away from this sweet girl

Who loved you every single day

You were her entire world

So when she now makes choices

As we sometimes tend to do

Remember her greatest teacher

Was supposed to be you

Don’t make this love story

End before it starts

Cause saying “Daddy don’t go”

Even breaks a woman’s heart



Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Being a mother has been

My biggest blessing

It’s my gift from God

My reason for being

Watching children grow

Is like watching a smile form

Furthering the knowledge

Of why I was born

I couldn’t imagine my life

Absent of my child

For the love of her

Makes life worthwhile

That million dollar smile

Which always kept me going

Lit up my empty life

She not even knowing

I’m humbled forever

By the joy in her face

Further proof of

My Savior’s grace

If you are a mother then

You know what I am saying

Its instant gratification

In watching them playing

Whoever would have thought

Life’s biggest reward

Would be wrapped in

The sweetest voice ever heard

But you won’t hear me complain

About the time which I’ve spent

It’s like having a ring side seat

At every life altering event

God must love me deeper

Than I ever realized

By allowing me the privilege

To gaze into those eyes

So to my fellow mother’s

I wanted to acknowledge your duty

By recognizing it for what it is

A thing of real beauty

You have filled those young minds

Embraced hearts that have grown

Given God’s grace and love

With every kiss you have thrown

Every nurturing embrace

Said so much more than you knew

It healed every time you gave

That external I Love You

I thank you and thank God

For leading me to my way

I love you now and forever

Happy Mother’s Day


Meet Jen Williams

Meet Jen Williams

I hv Lupus

Jen Williams is another one of the threads at the Real Women Empowerment Project. Immediately, after reading our other introductions; you will see a difference. Jen lives a life of anonymity; it has become a natural part of her life. This Sister has overcome great obstacles in her life; from Cancer and Lupus to Severe Domestic Violence and the unexpected loss of her sister.
When asked how she handles it, she will tell you; we must find triumph in all things…even tragedy.
Jen is a writer and poet…and uses these venues to remind us all…that we are loved from a higher power. She is deeply spiritual; and when you read her writing; it is something you feel right away.
She is the Founder of My Rays of Light Publishing’ an Indie Publishing/Editing company; which focuses on trying to get writers published for far less than most publishers.
She also is the CEO of My Rays Marketing; where she helps to promote businesses and causes; using all social media platforms.
Jen spends a lot of her time shining light on those issues that we experience or hear about, on a daily basis. She has written about child abuse, rape, homelessness, Cancer and Lupus. Her personal war against Domestic Violence…has been a long one. She will openly tell you…the scars of Domestic Violence leave scars that never completely heal.
She uses the platforms of Domestic Violence and Lupus awareness as weapons against stereotypical ideas of these serious issues.
Jen has been working with the Real Woman Empowerment Project since 2012; and feels a strong connection to all of the fabulous women involved.

She writes on 2(two) blogs on WordPress; and her writing can be followed there, as well as, Facebook, Twitter, and the 3 websites that she has worked to create.
She will proudly talk about her beautiful family. She realized, early on, their family motto of: Family Comes First; would be a foundation for all things to come.
Jen can be found at/on:
WordPress Page
Sisters of Power
Her Marketing Page
Her online market
Her Publishing Company –

She can also be reached at

I Do Not Consent

I Do Not Consent


Recently I was reading about an incident in Steubenville, Ohio; where a 16 year old girl was allegedly raped by several members of the football team. What I found more disgusting than the act itself was the video which was posted about this crime. There was a video made which showcased several party goers talking about how the girl was raped while they laughed hysterically.


This should go without saying…sexual assault is not funny. Shame on the young teenage boys who made that video…you should also be standing trial. Keep in mind…when we suggest that they are “JUST KIDS HAVING FUN”; that these kids…will grow into adults. I say adults because…MEN do not behave this way. Real men do not need to assault, batter, abuse, degrade or sexually assault women.


Let me say for the record, I hope these individuals are prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law, if found guilty.


Rape is a crime of violence…not sex.


Anyone who has ever been brutalized sexually will tell you this. NO means NO. These statements seem elementary to me; we should all know by now that rape is unacceptable …no matter who you are. Was she at fault because she was drinking? Were her clothes too revealing? Did she say no…but maybe she didn’t appear to mean it? Did she tell someone that her goal was to have sex that night? Is her character questionable? Did she not fight hard enough?


Let me be clear…as someone who has experienced this brutality; none of these things matter. I am only responsible for my actions…not yours. If she wore no clothes at all…it gives no one the right to force her to have sex. Perhaps she shouldn’t have been drinking…but her drinking did not cause this.


If a person is drinking and they wave a loaded gun at someone and it goes off and kills them…is it still murder? Does it matter if they were drinking? NO. All that matters is that someone died…because someone else was reckless with their actions.


No means no…period. No means…I do not consent.


Take a look at your children as they rest…what if it was your daughter or son? Would we then make excuses for a rapist?


We are better than this. We were created from greatness. Embrace your greatness; put a stop to the insanity. Our bodies are a temple…we have no right in invade it. We have no right to make excuses for crimes against humanity. Rape is not only a crime of violence, but it takes us away from our path.


Stand up for what is right. Humanity is fading…simply because we make excuses to try and protect the guilty. The truth is…we are not protecting people when we cover up things such as rape, violence, or other such crimes. We are only allowing the behavior to continue.


I do not consent to anyone touching any part of my body…without my explicit permission. No matter what I am wearing, if I am drinking, or where we are…you do not have my permission  to touch me…in any way.


My body is my own…as is yours.


I pray that we will get back to what is important…love; one another. And while it may be easy to love our family members…we are also supposed to extend our love to all living things. Perhaps we should work harder at that…and things like this would happen less and less.


I am sending my prayers and love to all those affected by this terrible crime. May this young woman heal and become whole once again; I hope her family is able to uplift her and promote the healing process. I pray that the males involved in this crime understand what they did. I pray that it is something that God will help them learn from; because unless we learn from this…it will happen again.


Love one another today…remind those that are important to you; how blessed you are just having known them.


Walk in the Light of a most forgiving and loving Creator…release the negativity.


My heart is with you always.



I Saw God Today

I Saw God Today


I saw God today…his light shone brightly in the eyes of those blessed angels who were taken far too soon. I saw God in those beautiful adults who sacrificed their own lives, for those glorious angels. I refuse to allow the media to create and develop images in my mind of the horrific last moments, of those blessed beings. A terrible evil was done; but I refuse to give that evil any more energy than it has already taken. I refuse to utter the name of the assailant…I refuse to look at morbid pictures of what was done to those brilliant stars. I will not allow my anger from the situation; lead me into a place where there is little chance of a safe return.


I woke up today and saw the smiling faces of those 20 children and those adults who were taken far too soon. I wanted to turn away from them; but I couldn’t. I was glad that my family was strong enough to look into the eyes of those risen angels. In their eyes…I didn’t see death and destruction….I saw light…love…peace…God.


I saw God today; and was reminded that by allowing someone to take away our energy…only hate is bred.


Our country has been brought face to face with what other countries face every day…and that is deeply saddening. But I refuse to believe…think…or acknowledge that this is OUR BEST. We can do better…and I pray that we will.


I refuse to take this moment and allow anyone to preach to me about gun control…while telling me not to talk about homeschools….this is not a political forum. This is a moment of mourning…embracing…loving…and light. And while I have my own ideas about gun control…and home schooling…I will not taint this moment by contributing.


We lost precious lives…angels rose up. Now we, as not only a country…but as a planet; must learn to move forward. I encourage you all to talk about these children’s lives…not there deaths. Their deaths were merely a fraction of a fraction of time…while their lives can fill our hearts completely.


I am not avoiding what happened…nor am I saying that it wasn’t horrendous; but I refuse to allow it to take away from those precious memories…some were blessed enough to have with them.


It is okay to be sad, it was a terrible day…but know they are safe in our Creator’s arms now. Let us instead…pray for one another…for we must find the strength to continue on. We must learn how to get up out of bed and find the smiles that we lost…that day.


I saw God today…and for that…I am thankful.


May Peace Forever Find a Home in Our Broken Hearts

A Single Drop of Water

A Single Drop of Water


During this time of year, there will be people who will be singing and celebrating; laughing and crying; shopping and worshipping; remembering and mourning. It is the season of many emotions and experiences, for most. Not unlike any other time of year, I have spent time reminding us to be kind and loving with one another.

I realized long ago that we all are different, in one fashion or another. No matter how similar we appear to be, if we search deep enough…we will find our distinctive characteristics. By the same token, if we search deep within those that we find to be our polar opposites…we will find the very likeness of us.

What is the point of this? It’s a point in which, I take great pride in shining light on. We were all created from the same source and created with the same foundation. Our Creator, our point of origin…the maker of all things great and small…started our lives with a single drop of water. And throughout time we can visit and re-visit how water restores, replenishes, revitalizes and revives all living things. That single drop of water, brushed with the love of our Creator…is where we all started and where we should remain focused.

For all of our differences and unique qualities…one thing tangible keeps us connected…like it or not. Our Creator, no matter what you refer to Him/her as…built us with love. We know this is true because no matter where we look, in music, lyrics, movies, art, even in our most divine books…we are told to love each other. At this point, we should have realized that loving our fellow living beings is important…because we are constantly being reminded to do so.

The one constant we will have in this life is that as much as we are dissimilar…we are exactly the same. Our foundation cares nothing about how we look differently, speak differently, behave differently, or even worship differently. In the eyes of the Creator, we are the same.

When the time comes and we are asked how we made use of our time here on earth…I pray that we have something more to offer than we spent time separating people because we have convinced ourselves of the superiority myth. None of us, not one single human being…is better than, above, greater than or superior to …ANYTHING. Your hair color or texture, the pigment of your skin, the accent of your voice, the size or shape of your body, the location of your earthly home, nor the religion, faith, or the life philosophy that you adhere to…does not put you above anyone or anything else. And as long as we have that delusion in our minds…we are not doing the work of God/Allah.

Our time here is brief…to prove that fact you only have to ask anyone who has ever loved someone who passed away. So knowing this information…why do we waste so much time on hate and indifference? We are supposed to build our fellow man and woman up…we are supposed to help and guide one another. But in order to do that we must stop trying to isolate one another.

I hope that during this season of love and hope…that we water the seed which God/Allah planted within us. Love is instilled within our being, but we must cultivate it, water it, and share it with the world. Touch everyone you can…through your fingertips… your speech or your deeds…God’s message can be delivered through us; just as electricity travels through water.

I implore you to stop wasting time on the negativity that darkness can breed. Remember that just like mold needs darkness to thrive…so does negativity and hate. The Creator’s light is all around us…we need only to seek it. We can see it in compassion, empathy, joy, kindness, thoughtfulness…and when you aren’t watching…you can feel, smell, touch and absorb it through the laughter of children.

Love is a gift that we are supposed to give to others; and because we were born with it we are supposed to do it all the time. We can hardly hold love hostage, by attaching stipulations to it. The statement “I will love you if…” is a statement of darkness. So here is my message to you: I will love you because God loves me. I will stand by you and defend you against any being that is of the belief that you are not good enough. I answer to our Creator, He holds me accountable for my actions, thoughts and the intentions of my heart.

Today I would ask you to stand up…become accountable…spread love and joy…for only then can peace prosper.

The Reason For The Season

The Reason For The Season


  I think that sometimes we can get lost in the commercialization of things this time of year. The proof of that is everywhere we look. Every store or shop seems to have their own idea of how to make the season more festive and memorable than the year previous.

This year, however, has been a little rougher for me than most have been…which I believe is a test of my strength and willingness to submit to the will of our Creator. So I have sat and endured every Christmas cartoon known to man…I have watched store Santa’s posing with pictures of children who would rather be ducking and weaving in and out of a four lane highway. I have watched retailers attempt to make their sales and “bargains” look like what we might want Christmas to be. All of this, isn’t always a bad thing…it’s always nice to see the excitement of children and the hidden secrets that this particular holiday seems to bring.

This year was completely turned around for me…I was all ready to become “Scrooge”. And in my mind, I had reason to. Then something wonderful happened in my life…I experienced the love of God through the heart of my daughter.

First you must understand, she is a teenager…not unlike most teenagers. She wants things, and she knows that there will be things that no matter how much she wants them, or how much I wish I could get them for her…she just won’t receive them. But this brown eyed beauty decided that this year for Christmas she wanted to play Santa Claus for a child on her school’s “Angel Tree”. Keeping in mind that she knew that by us buying for another child meant that her lean Christmas list…just went on a diet. She didn’t care. I remember the day that she was talking to me about it…tears in her eyes. She just wanted to make a child happy for Christmas. And so we went shopping for this sweet 2 year old boy that she didn’t know and would never meet. We got him a few things…which she picked out. She went home and wrapped them and placed them in a giant gift bag and took them to school.

I can not even begin to express to you the joy that I felt through her at that moment. But I can only really think of one comparison which may assist in my lack of descriptive prose. Watching her was like the feeling I would get as a young child coming in from the cold. I would get to drink this giant coffee cup filled with creamy Hot Cocoa…you know the kind I mean…with the foam on the top from the giant melted marshmallow that used to be there. When you drank it, it was like your body was literally thawing out. There were parts of my body that were coming to life that I didn’t even realize were frozen.

My daughter became that for me…a sweet, warm, smiling example of that chocolaty goodness. And the real magic was…she made everyone feel that way. We all laughed and sang songs and smiled at everyone today.

All of this made me think about the saying…the reason for the season; it was like a light bulb came on. The reason for the season…is to give to others that in which we are given. It isn’t about video games or wish lists. It is about reflecting the love that God has given us…and sharing it with everyone else.

It may be true that we don’t have as much as the next person, but what we have is intended to be shared. I always try to remind others of our blessings, because we can get caught up in what we don’t have and we forget what we do have. We may not have tons of presents under the tree, and as true as that is…there will be people who do not have a home to put a tree in…never mind the presents underneath. We may not have a huge Christmas feast, but there are people who will not have food to eat on Christmas at all…or any other day. We will miss those we lost this year and our hearts may weep for them…but there are people who will spend this holiday all alone. Can you imagine living on this huge planet and feeling like you are all alone?

Today my daughter warmed our hearts…by simply opening hers. I hope it is an example that is set not in vain. Reach out for someone today, touch their hearts and don’t be afraid to warm their souls. God only asks that we give to others what HE has given to us…HIS LOVE. It costs nothing to love one another. If the only present you give to someone is your time…it is time well spent. Shine on one another…the reflection is that of our Creator.


**I actually wrote this last year…but I felt it beared repeating…Peace to you one and all