Our Story

Sisters of Power, (SOP) is a non profit organization established in June 2010.
Sisters of Power’s primary mission are to Empower Women to make a difference in their lives, for the betterment of self.

Empowering Women to make a difference by providing motivational forums where Women can network socialize and receive educational support in a wide variety of topics. . Sisters of Power, is an umbrella organization which unites other like minded organization, individuals and businesses. SOP hosts an annual Women’s Empowerment Conference, which includes motivational, educational and supportive workshops as well as a variety of networking and social forums.

I created this page a few years ago…as a surprise for the Founder Marsha Snead-Williams. Thankfully she was pleased by the effort.

Carole Scott is the President of our St. Croix district office

This is a fabulous group which helps to empower women in today’s trying times. The importance being this…we do not need to degrade another group in order to empower ourselves.

Within this blog you will find that we write about issues that affect us all and ways that we can help to uplift one another…in a loving and nurturing way. You will also find new and updates on your sister group Real Women Empowerment Project 

All of the art on our blog pages were created by the artists at Thou-Art. If you are interested in working with them please mention our blog.

I wish you all peace and blessings…you are always in my heart

L.M. Young


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