Meet Danita Rountree Green

Meet Danita Rountree Green

Danita Rountree Green

Danita Rountree Green
Author s Educator s Entrepreneur
“Life shrinks and expands in proportion to our courage.” – Anais Nin
Danita Rountree Green (R. Satiafa) is a writer and researcher who works in the fields of African American Folklore and Women’s Studies. She is a graduate of the University of Virginia and a native of Richmond. Her previous titles include BROOM JUMPING: A CELEBRATION OF LOVE (1992) which helped to create the cultural wedding industry boom of the 90’s and GRANDMOTHER’S GIFT OF MEMORIES (1997) a Keepsake Journal for African American Women, a classic genealogical memoir. LOVE LOCKED DOWN (2009) is her first docu-novel that deals with the punitive effects of incarceration on society and was an Amazon Books Top 10 pick for 2011.
For almost two decades, Ms Green has been conducting workshops on legacy building, improving family relationships and the importance of establishing restorative traditions in our communities. She has shared the stage with noted writer Haki Matabuti, toured with Iyanla Vanzant (African American Women on Tour), and Levar Burton (Broadway Books author’s tour). Her work has appeared in countless internet publications as well as Style Weekly, Essence Magazine, USA TODAY and The Wall Street Journal. Currently, Ms Green serves as the Creative Writing Facilitator for the Mayor’s Youth Academy of Richmond. She is dedicated to teaching others to recognize the power of their words, and the blessings that come with re-languaging and restor(y)ing their lives. While currently pursuing her professional degree in Transformative Leadership and Social Change, she remains founder and CEO of TBL PUBLICATIONS and is affectionately known nationwide as The BroomLady.
“Words are powerful; they acknowledge and affirm who we are. It’s my goal as a wordsmith to give wings to the visions of others through the Real Women Empowerment Project so that they may fly.” DRG

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