Meet Iris Porter

Meet Iris Porter

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Iris Porter was born October 18, 1971. She is the youngest of 3 children. Her family lived in the Scudder Home Projects in Newark, New Jersey, later moving to a safer neighborhood where Iris remained until adulthood.

Iris is dedicated to helping others. Iris’ dedication landed her a 7 year position with St. Mary’s Life Center as Director of Activities for the Elderly. In 2005, Iris conquered another career goal by becoming a Family Worker at Smart Cookie Learning Center where she provided community resources and helped families to establish a connection between home and school.

At 41, Iris lives in Richmond, VA, a devoted mother of 5 and is the Assistant Director of Smart Cookie Learning Center II. She enjoys reading, traveling, and helping others. She considers herself to be a true team player. Iris believes that through service she is rewarded. Iris Porter is an administrative member of the Real Woman Empowerment Project where she enjoys assisting in all areas of the project and its goals.

-Iris Porter

The Real Woman Empowerment Project


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