Meet Eugenia Snead

Meet Eugenia Snead

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Eugenia M. Snead, was born and raised in New Jersey and now resides in Richmond, Virginia. She is an entrepreneur, a life partner and a mother of five. With well over 20 years of experience, Eugenia has dedicated her life to servicing children and families in need and studying Relationship Theories. Eugenia has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and enjoys research and writing.

Eugenia considers herself to be a work in progress as she continues her life long battle with obesity. Her personal passion is writing and because of that she has several projects which include her personal relationship blog “I Told You I Suck At Relationships but, Since You Asked” and a host of short stories. Eugenia has set a goal of publishing her blogs/writings in 2013. Eugenia’s blog she speaks very candidly about her take on things…it is honest and candid.

Eugenia is the Director of Smart Cookie Learning Center II located at:
3201 Broad Rock Blvd
Richmond, Va. 23224

Eugenia currently is apart of The Real Woman Empowerment Project where she serves as the Executive Administrative Assistant.

Eugenia M. Snead
Eugenia’s Blog

Smart Cookie Learning Center II


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