Meet Jasmin Farnum

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Meet Jasmin Farnum

Professional Mission Statement

From High School Dropout to MBA graduate, Farnum is a TV/Internet Producer| Director| Writer| Host of The Jasmin Farnum Show, believes strongly in collaborating with genuine talent, but knows the value of ownership and controlling of your own brand. Her Motto “Never let it rest until you are better than YOUR best.” In business, she asks herself these questions: [1] Is it clear; [2] Can I do it and [3] Will it work, [4] Who needs it, [5] How will it make money? Her vision is fixed solidly on God and a belief system that allows her to walk by faith not by sight. With that belief system it is understood that change comes from within and often is not immediately evident.
At age 50, for her it is not business as usual it is not all about money but it is all about right (even wrong relations serve a purpose) relationships and resources. Above all her service to the Most High is her guiding light.
About Me:
Wife, Mother, sister and a loyal sister Retired 9-5’er (believes you don’t need a job you need vision, accompanied by clearly written plan, passionate for your divine purpose and crazy faith that it shall produce wealth). Founder of Relationship Matters: Stop Domestic Violence and Relationship Abuse a 600 member International Professional Network of domestic violence survivors and service provider. Passionate writer (blogger, internet content, E-books and e-articles), documentary filmmaker, and businesswomen (Founder/Sole-owner Creative Minds In Sync Media Productions and Publications) President of New York-Eastern Regional Chapter of Women of Concern Professionals Strategic Consciousness Networking Executive Board Member Women of Today Working Opportunity Network Holds BA Business Administration and MBA Media Management Host The Jasmin Farnum Show Producer for Television and Internet Media (Currently Productions available on Cable TV, Blog Talk Radio and Worldwide via the Internet: Project E.M.O.N. Bi weekly series on optimal wellness and WOCP Radio/TV Documentary Filmmaker (Fat Isn’t Me 2010) (The Making of La Bella Lady Diva 2011) both screened at 2012 Pocono Mountains Film Festival

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Project E.M.O.N.


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