Meet Deborah Buynum Billips


Debbie cares…perhaps her innate passion to give of self is the driving force that allows her to place the needs of others in the forefront. Counciling and giving to women daily has driven her to start a publishing company and launch a world-class periodical that inspires, informs, and supports black women to pursue their dreams and fulfill their destinies. For Debbie, it’s all about giving back, educating and supporting the women in our community…one woman at a time. Welcome to the world of Debbie Billips.

To enable her passion to touch more women, she conceived the idea of launching the highly anticipated SLANTRESS Magazine. This would extend her reach to hundreds, if not thousands of women at a time. With her vision and leadership, she guides and orchastrates a symphony of female visionaries that collaborate to publish and distribute rich inspiring and entertaining content that is sure to enhance the quality of life of all readers.

Growing up in Morgan Park a community in Northeast Balitimore, MD, Debbie was the middle child of three. Her father a Captain in the Baltimore City Fire Department and her mom who stayed at home, worked to instill core family and life values by living them daily themselves. An introvert in her early years set the pace for her extrordinary observation skills. Debbie never said much but when she did it was somehow profound. In her later years she began connecting with women needing guidance as they faced life’s challenges. Challenges ranging from relationship issues to financial matters. Women just seem to find her. She has been functioning as a life coach or mentor for women, but without the formal title.

“In simplest terms, I have a warm friendly up close non-judgemental approach,” said Debbie. “In fact, I can connect with women emotionally and they feel comfortable to confide in me and take action on my advice, that is really validating and rewarding.”

Debbie has a philosophy that she espouses titled “Women as One.” She feels we live in a crucial time where we should be addressing self-accountability. The significance of what we bring to ourselves, our families, our communities and beyond is of utmost importance. Where do we place our value as women and how do we position that value in relationships and in life? Charging oneself to the highest comprehendible standards will aid in the growth of our forward progression of empowerment.

Debblie further defines a SLANTRESS as a grass root individual/sister who strive to achieve personal excellence as well as diligently leading by example in their day to day lifestyles. Each SLANTRESS is reflective of one another; all parts of the collective whole…the pure essence of our communities. We are the past, the present and the future. We are women who learn from mistakes, reach back and look forward. We are one and yet we are individuals. We are our own inspiration looking to build up and restore, love and teach, nurture and learn. We are women, we are free, we are SLANTRESS. As the creator of SLANTRESS, she pledges to her supporters to remain true to self and committed to the mission of SLANTRESS. “I promise to always put my best stiletto forward every time!”

Debbie currently resides in Baltimore City with her husband, their 3 children and 9 grandchildren. Her service to the community as a volunteer for worthy social causes such as; mentoring, services as the foundation that keeps her grounded.

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Slantress Magazine


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