Meet Shandra Thompson



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Shandra Thompson is a Holistic Health and Wellness Consultant/Coach. She provides awareness, resources and education about alternative to traditional medicinal therapies. She believes that it is paramount to be an informed consumer and to be an active participant in your Health
and Wellness.  She  sees her  clients as unique individuals that can
create powerful shifts when given the proper tools. She has
partnered with Health and Wellness Companies that not only
meet  your nutritional need but your spiritual, mental, physical health and
wellness needs; Creating an environment for optimal health.

Shandra has been afforded the opportunity to have worked with people
from all over the world to educate on the power of the subconscious
mind, release weight, rebuild energy, restore the balance of hormones
and get to the root of many other health
challenges. Working, from the inside out,  is her goal  to empower others
to create optimal benefit of a life style full of vitality.  Her
clients are inspired by my passion, creativity, warmth and humor.

Follow her in/on:

Slantress  The magazine features her  Holistic
Health Corner column
and Project Emon on YouTube.

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On Google

Because of the high demand
for more information on
how herbs, minerals, vitamins and  supplements  can be infused into
your daily regimen, stay tuned for Herbal Hour webinars.




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