Meet Marsha Snead-Williams

Marsha pic





Marsha combines twenty-five years of innovative experience in the areas of Education, Social Work and Women’s Advocacy. She is dedicated to the success of the RWEP (the REAL WOMAN EMPOWERMENT PROJECT) and leads by example daily. Her Queenly instinct keeps her focused on supporting and nurturing social, emotional and economic relationships of woman. Marsha has served and serves in many arenas, here are a few listed below:

Creator of “The Real Women Empowerment Project”
Founder and Director, Smart Cookie Learning Center
Co-Founder, R.E.I.G.N Empowerment Center Inc.
Former Executive Director, YWCA of Essex & West Hudson, Inc.
Founder/Executive Director, African-American Women’s Alliance and
Sisters of Power, Inc.
Contributing writer Mature Woman Now
Columnist for Game Magazine

Columnist for Slantress Magazine

Marsha is the Creator of Sisters of Power; and the inspiration behind this page. I am pleased to be a contributor to this organization with the premise of uplifting women. Marsha can also be followed on:


Twitter- @mzmotivatah

Twitter- @RWEP1






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