I Do Not Consent

I Do Not Consent


Recently I was reading about an incident in Steubenville, Ohio; where a 16 year old girl was allegedly raped by several members of the football team. What I found more disgusting than the act itself was the video which was posted about this crime. There was a video made which showcased several party goers talking about how the girl was raped while they laughed hysterically.


This should go without saying…sexual assault is not funny. Shame on the young teenage boys who made that video…you should also be standing trial. Keep in mind…when we suggest that they are “JUST KIDS HAVING FUN”; that these kids…will grow into adults. I say adults because…MEN do not behave this way. Real men do not need to assault, batter, abuse, degrade or sexually assault women.


Let me say for the record, I hope these individuals are prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law, if found guilty.


Rape is a crime of violence…not sex.


Anyone who has ever been brutalized sexually will tell you this. NO means NO. These statements seem elementary to me; we should all know by now that rape is unacceptable …no matter who you are. Was she at fault because she was drinking? Were her clothes too revealing? Did she say no…but maybe she didn’t appear to mean it? Did she tell someone that her goal was to have sex that night? Is her character questionable? Did she not fight hard enough?


Let me be clear…as someone who has experienced this brutality; none of these things matter. I am only responsible for my actions…not yours. If she wore no clothes at all…it gives no one the right to force her to have sex. Perhaps she shouldn’t have been drinking…but her drinking did not cause this.


If a person is drinking and they wave a loaded gun at someone and it goes off and kills them…is it still murder? Does it matter if they were drinking? NO. All that matters is that someone died…because someone else was reckless with their actions.


No means no…period. No means…I do not consent.


Take a look at your children as they rest…what if it was your daughter or son? Would we then make excuses for a rapist?


We are better than this. We were created from greatness. Embrace your greatness; put a stop to the insanity. Our bodies are a temple…we have no right in invade it. We have no right to make excuses for crimes against humanity. Rape is not only a crime of violence, but it takes us away from our path.


Stand up for what is right. Humanity is fading…simply because we make excuses to try and protect the guilty. The truth is…we are not protecting people when we cover up things such as rape, violence, or other such crimes. We are only allowing the behavior to continue.


I do not consent to anyone touching any part of my body…without my explicit permission. No matter what I am wearing, if I am drinking, or where we are…you do not have my permission  to touch me…in any way.


My body is my own…as is yours.


I pray that we will get back to what is important…love; one another. And while it may be easy to love our family members…we are also supposed to extend our love to all living things. Perhaps we should work harder at that…and things like this would happen less and less.


I am sending my prayers and love to all those affected by this terrible crime. May this young woman heal and become whole once again; I hope her family is able to uplift her and promote the healing process. I pray that the males involved in this crime understand what they did. I pray that it is something that God will help them learn from; because unless we learn from this…it will happen again.


Love one another today…remind those that are important to you; how blessed you are just having known them.


Walk in the Light of a most forgiving and loving Creator…release the negativity.


My heart is with you always.




3 thoughts on “I Do Not Consent”

  1. We seem to be living in a time where we have no regard for human life. It is horrible the things that go on in this world today. We need to learn how to respect each other. I commented because I did not want to like the words you shared. I do however appreciate your views on the subject.

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