My Queendom

My Queendom

I am lost

Yet I am found

I am silenced

Yet I am sound

I am darkness

But am light too

I’m always me

And sometimes I’m you

I am wrong

And sometimes I’m right

I am loved

By the keeper of the Light

My religion is unknown

My race is His

My stand on Humanity

Is only this

No matter what you see

There is always more

While you struggle with a window

He opens a door

My skin tone isn’t as important

As the contents within

Stop the discrimination

Cater to the hearts of men

I am all things forever

I am what I was meant to be

I am the Light and the Way

I am all Humanity

I am My Father’s child who

Gladly does His will

Despite all my faults

He loves His child still

I am the sun and the moon

And all planets in between

I am the sky and stars

I am a Princess…a Queen

I represent creation

I represent Freedom

Mostly I represent My Creator

Welcome to MY QUEENDOM


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