More Than You’ll Ever Know

More Than You’ll Ever Know

Fear not my angel
Loss is not felt here
There is no crying
Over those no longer near

And don’t allow that statement
Make you feel sad or alone
There is just a warm comfort
When Our Father calls us Home

We are sad at first…of course
I wanted to call you too
There were things I wanted to say
Things I wanted to do

But the best part of it all
Is I get to watch you now
As you do all of the things
That I once talked about

You are remembering the moments
I said I wanted to go here or there
I hope you realize…I told you
Because you were the only one who cared

Now you can take that trip
Even go on a train
And I can watch and smile
Love I can’t refrain

While you may feel guilty
For doing what I wanted to do
Know that by you enjoying life
I get to enjoy life too

So smile that million dollar smile
Flash that light to the world
It reminds me how well you loved this
Insignificant girl

Not to say I wasn’t important
But I was so much more valuable to you
You wrapped me up in your love
With all you chose to do

You still do it today
Of that I am sure
Remind the world
Of a love so pure

So cry every once in a while
Tears always help life grow
But smile when you think of me
You’re loved more than you’ll ever know


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