God Also Loves You

God Also Loves You


She is every woman you know

Even if you don’t see it yet

She’s the girl in the check out

Whose eyes you’ve never met


She lives a life in silence

A life sentence so to speak

Some will say she is a coward

A shadow…she is weak


But I will tell you something

Her strength has no bounds

For we don’t know the terror

Happening when no one’s around


We don’t know the real threats

We don’t know the fear and isolation

We don’t know what he does

His self-proclaimed degradation


Yet she gets up every day

Covers up marks of his “love”

This woman you call coward

Lives in hell you don’t know of


But here she is daily

Smiling past the pain

And unless you can see it

Without giving her blame


There is just no cause

And I have no use

For the heart bruising

Caused by abuse


I have felt it too…it was mine

I wore my face of shame

I was left feeling guilty

As if I was the one to blame


It took a while then one day

My rainbow came shining through

God spoke to my heart…saying

It’s okay…I love you


Still in my mind I wore a badge

Why would you love me

I’m all used up and tattered

Nothing too special to see


And a great light came through

And shone upon my face

He said come to me child

He let me borrow His grace


From that day forward

My spirit it rose up with stride

My heart opened

My wings opened up wide


So fear not my blessed angels

Your cries have been heard too

I was sent to say this…

God also loves You




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