I Saw God Today

I Saw God Today


I saw God today…his light shone brightly in the eyes of those blessed angels who were taken far too soon. I saw God in those beautiful adults who sacrificed their own lives, for those glorious angels. I refuse to allow the media to create and develop images in my mind of the horrific last moments, of those blessed beings. A terrible evil was done; but I refuse to give that evil any more energy than it has already taken. I refuse to utter the name of the assailant…I refuse to look at morbid pictures of what was done to those brilliant stars. I will not allow my anger from the situation; lead me into a place where there is little chance of a safe return.


I woke up today and saw the smiling faces of those 20 children and those adults who were taken far too soon. I wanted to turn away from them; but I couldn’t. I was glad that my family was strong enough to look into the eyes of those risen angels. In their eyes…I didn’t see death and destruction….I saw light…love…peace…God.


I saw God today; and was reminded that by allowing someone to take away our energy…only hate is bred.


Our country has been brought face to face with what other countries face every day…and that is deeply saddening. But I refuse to believe…think…or acknowledge that this is OUR BEST. We can do better…and I pray that we will.


I refuse to take this moment and allow anyone to preach to me about gun control…while telling me not to talk about homeschools….this is not a political forum. This is a moment of mourning…embracing…loving…and light. And while I have my own ideas about gun control…and home schooling…I will not taint this moment by contributing.


We lost precious lives…angels rose up. Now we, as not only a country…but as a planet; must learn to move forward. I encourage you all to talk about these children’s lives…not there deaths. Their deaths were merely a fraction of a fraction of time…while their lives can fill our hearts completely.


I am not avoiding what happened…nor am I saying that it wasn’t horrendous; but I refuse to allow it to take away from those precious memories…some were blessed enough to have with them.


It is okay to be sad, it was a terrible day…but know they are safe in our Creator’s arms now. Let us instead…pray for one another…for we must find the strength to continue on. We must learn how to get up out of bed and find the smiles that we lost…that day.


I saw God today…and for that…I am thankful.


May Peace Forever Find a Home in Our Broken Hearts


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