I Have Lupus

I Have Lupus

I live with an illness

Other people cannot see

I live in pain and fatigue

Often immobility

I live with an illness

Some people cannot understand

Because it cannot be detected

By the casual glance

I live with swollen joints

Bruising but first

I live with knowledge that

It can get much worse

My hair has fallen out

My eyes swollen shut

But I live with a disease

That doesn’t understand…enough

I am not alone in this fight

There are warriors like me

Who understand what it’s like

To have physical agony

I am a fighter now

I am a warrior because

If I stopped fighting

Gave it a pause

This disease would win

My valiance for naught

I am in this war

I never forgot

I was created from greatness

And greatness is in me

I will struggle with this thing

NO matter what shall be

For the winner of this battle

Gets no trophy or attention

For I fight it inside myself

With the greatest intention

Take no moment for granted

For in a moment of dissention

It could be all stripped away

Without even a mention

Of the facial rashes

Medication and grief

The lack of support

The need for sleep

And while it is hard to understand

What my life would be like for you

I will tell all now that I wouldn’t

Want you to suffer too

Help raise awareness

Look for the Light

God said he would never leave

I know He is right

Join the movement

Raise mental elevation

Link hands with others

Focus your attention

I have a silent disease

That you cannot see


It doesn’t have me


13 thoughts on “I Have Lupus”

  1. I could say I know what you’re going through, because my sister has lupus, but I don’t really know what she goes through either. I do know I’d take her pain and suffering on me if I could. She has courage, but not quite like yours. She is often angry at God. I hate to see her that way, but I finally had to realize it’s between her and Him. All I can do is love them both and hope they will work it out. I expect it to happen one day.
    God bless you.

  2. thanks for shairng your struggle…and it is one we cant see so we dont make as much or just not as aware of it or that people go through it…i am glad that you are open with it and raise awareness…god wont give us more than we can handle and he can use anything…

  3. i so like your positive voice in that difficult struggle… it’s so tough when we have to face an illness and many people lose hope…thanks for your openness to sharing this with us

  4. May you be healed and made whole in the name of Jesus now. May the Love of God fill you. May the Comforter, Helper and Counselor fill you with peace. You are loved beyond measure. You are cherished and precious to God. Be loved, beloved!

  5. I’m in the battle with the invisible disease too. I’m now stable and doing pretty good. But the need for sleep there is no cure for. I love your positive view. I have a blog that followed me trying to come to terms with my lupus. http://meverselupus.blogspot.com. I write on lupus occasionally on this Silently Heard Once but I try to stay positive now. Keep up the fight sister.

  6. I am so glad that you are doing well right now. It is an ongoing struggle…sometimes I do better than others; but I have found if my attitude stays positive…I feel better. I am so glad you reached out to me in this way…I will keep you and your progress in my prayers. I will check out your blog, also.

    Peace to you

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