In The Presence of Angels

In the Presence of Angels


Life is full of adversity. We can complain about it or we can own it that is our choice. I choose to embrace it, like all things. All things happen with reason. There are no mistakes or errors…everything is as it was supposed to be.

This can be a tough statement for a most of people to agree with, especially if they or someone they hold dear has suffered. I once questioned it myself. I wondered why it was necessary for pain or sadness to exist. I have known very real pain, both physical and emotional. At the time I may not have seen the beauty in the incident, and of course the beauty was not found in the situation…but how it helped me see other things more clearly once I could look at things more objectively.

I have been blessed time and time again throughout my life. But I believe that we all are or have been…if we are looking for the blessing. Yes, I have had financial difficulty and the blessing was not in that issue. The true blessing happened as a result of that incident. It gave me an opportunity to concentrate on something entirely different. I have found, for myself, that most of the time I am so busy trying to do the work of God that I create my own problems…instead of waiting patiently for our Creator to rectify the situation. I would then be angry because the issue wasn’t working out the way I thought that it should have. Had I taken half a moment to step aside and allow God to do His bidding…I may have wasted much less time.

But, of course, even in the postponement God was teaching me a lesson. Patience has never been my strongpoint…it takes every fiber of my being to find that tranquility within myself. However, when I accomplish this task…I am never regretful.

I am also very cautious to never blame God for any bad fortunes that may come my way…HE like most parents loves us. Sometimes the most important lessons that we need to learn are the most painful to accept. In spite of this, the lesson is never lost on confusion or indecision. It can be hard to watch those which we love deeply to suffer…but there are lessons in all things. God expects us to seek those teachings…so that we can assist in guiding others, as well.

We may seek the reasoning behind why we have people starving all over our world. We will fall to our knees seeking guidance and understanding as to why our Creator would allow this to happen. Everyday we see where violence and famine have plagued our planet…and why? Why would God let this happen? Why would He, that loves us so deeply, allow such devastation? Why wouldn’t God throw a life raft out to those poor souls that need saving?

I can imagine that God looks down at us lovingly…saying that he did. We are that life raft. How do we know that people all over the world are starving or are being killed? We are privy to this information because God willed it to be so. We sit in our warm homes and watch starving, freezing, homeless people who live a few blocks from us die. We will shake our heads and wonder how God could have made such a big mistake…never realizing that the mistake was ours. We blindly assumed that God was going to send in an army of angels…and he probably did. However these angels looked just like you and I. God sent us…to help those poor starving people…and we just sat and watched.

We have to remember that most angels, prophets and messengers didn’t come with large neon signs announcing their presence. We were created to embrace one another…to uplift our fellow man. We are supposed to shine God’s light on all of His creation. Once we stop pointing our fingers at those we choose to blame for this and that…real growth will begin. There is no right or wrong there is only love and acceptance. We were created with all the attributes of God…but we must decide to be that. Compassion is bred within us. We cannot forget that the fiber we were woven with was dipped in love and spun with peace.

Remember who you are. Do not let the fact that we have allowed hate to prosper…fool us into believing that we are no better than that. Hate does not reign supreme…only God does.

Love is the answer no matter what the question is.


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