Spare Humanity

Spare Humanity


The way we are living

There is no excuse

Women surrounded by

Violence and abuse

There is no valid excuse

There is no reason why

We should sit by in silence

While our sisters now cry

What did she do wrong

What words did she utter

To provoke such hate

Than one should muster

Our women are being attacked

Our mothers, sisters, and such

Being attacked verbally…physically

People using hate as a crutch


I am angered on this day

Another woman was attacked

For simply being who she is

Can’t ignore the facts

Pure cowardice living among us

Failing to follow a path of Gold

Reasoning and excuses

But the Truth will be told

For scars on a bloody face

Broken bones and fractures

Only bring our evil to light

Ignoring our Divine stature

Step up for the women

The ones who fear abuse

Select love or hate

What will you choose

For when we even attack

With our words or mean tones

We are creating a wedge

Leaving the rest to atone

Stand up beside me now

Reach out your hand in hope

You can touch more hearts

Our souls have an endless scope

Tell her she is not alone

Give her life a chance to shine

Guide her to a safe place

In the arms of the Divine

Don’t want to get involved?

Don’t want to pursue?

Well if it was your daughter

What would you ask us to do?

Set aside your silent disgust

For silence may have its place

But to sit quietly to this evil

Is simply a disgrace

Scream to the rooftops

Violence NO MORE

Remind all God’s creation

Not what we were created for

Realign your paths

Own up to your responsibility

Stand up for the women of the world

And spare our humanity

**Please join me in Praying for Mallory Owens…NO woman should have to endure such hate


8 thoughts on “Spare Humanity”

  1. So good. Going to tweet this if that’s okay with you. Sometimes the fractures are invisible, the emotional scars so deep, there is no removal no matter how much time passes. But they do soften. Screaming with you.

  2. ugh….should not happen…we should not let it happen…anyone being abused is not good…and a lot of it is hidden but the more awareness we raise the better you you know….great verse…

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