A Blessing

A Blessing


There are two things I know to be true; if you continue to do the same thing…you will always be the same; and if you want things to change…you have to do something different.

It seems like an easy concept doesn’t it? Yet every day we will claim to want things to change; yet we do nothing different than we have every other day of our lives. We see our children dying. We may shake our head in anguish or hurt; yet we continue today, as we did yesterday. We may say that we want to put an end to hate; yet we are constantly finding ways to cause further separation. What is the most painful part of divorce…separation.

We are a giant melting pot; one huge family. When we decide, for one reason or the next, that we no longer want to deal with a part of our family; be it because of race, religion, location, or any other barrier we create; we are causing separation. We may feel justified. We may justify these things in our minds, and in our hearts. We will say things like; if they hadn’t done this or that…then we wouldn’t feel this way.

Let me be clear on a few things; first…no one is responsible for how you feel or how you react. We react according to our feelings and it is unfair to impose our ideals on anyone or anything else. Second, WE ARE THEM. There is no separation. For those who read the Holy books and hold them high; did it say that our Creator went to Africa and created a man and a woman; and then went to Australia and created two more? No, it doesn’t. Why? Because, we are all one.

Yet we will continue to do the same thing day in and day out. We may be unhappy about the condition of our world; but how did we try to change it? Think you can’t make a change? The world is too vast? I will tell you; we cannot afford NOT to change. We have been given every opportunity to get things right. We are given clear cut warnings about the state of our humanity; yet we do nothing.

Our children are dying; we can see it every night in the news. We are in a position to stop this cycle…but we must make a change. Even the smallest consistent change will create a spark. Do something different today. Walk to work; or take a walk; this not only adds years to your life, but if you smile at the people you pass; you will also change their day.

Kindness is a constant and contagious condition. You don’t even have to speak to someone to give them kindness; hold a door open; smile even when you aren’t greeted with one. Ask a child how their day was after school. Take a moment out of your busy life and give thanks for these moments; this will change who you are.

Let go of the negativity; be the example that other people will look toward. The change does not have to be catastrophic, but you would be surprised at how many people find smiling difficult.

Life isn’t fair…I have heard that expression a million times in my lifetime, I am sure you have also. You’re right life isn’t fair…it is a BLESSING!


**Remember to love each other**



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