In The Name of Indifference

In The Name of Indifference


I write a lot about children; it, in fact, is my favorite subject. I love to listen to children playing and laughing. It is unfortunate that lately I write about the children that we have lost. Perhaps we shouldn’t say lost; when we lose something it is an accident. The children I have written about weren’t accidentally taken from their parents.

The world has a way of looking at the circumstance of a death and focus on that; we lose sight that these beautiful souls had a life. Mathew Shephard was a breathing human being; he had goals and dreams. His life was cut short because 2 young men decided to beat him half to death; his body was then left to the bugs and animals while he was tied to a post on a hill top. Xiomara Jonsales- Fernandez was a 9 year old little girl who was sexually molested by her step father for 6 months; before he killed her. She had a family that loved her; and because she was going to tell what was happening to her; she was taken out of her bed and her step father stabbed her. He raped her before he killed her and then he stabbed himself; of course, he didn’t die and is awaiting trial. Trayvon Martin was a teenager. He got in trouble every once in a while; like most teens do. He was visiting his father; he went to the store. As he was walking home from that store he was killed, by a neighborhood watch commander. We can speculate why that happened; but in the end; all that matters is that he was killed. He was taken and those who knew him are left to grieve. Amanda Todd was a 15 year old girl; she would have been 16 in November; she killed herself. She was a typical teenager. She experimented with things; boys, sex, the internet…and it caused her; her life.

I heard someone say that society is too sensitive. We aren’t teaching our children to be tough enough. I beg to differ. I think that our failure is found; in our inability to show our children humanity. We fail. Hardening our hearts to the bitterness of others; only makes us bitter too. Why would the answer to the problem be…to become the problem?

When we pray; if we choose to, do we pray for a harder hearts, more guns, more bullets, harsher words or more violence? No. We pray for hope, forgiveness, patience, love and understanding. If these are the gifts we ask of our Creator; why would we ask less of our children?

The answer cannot possibly be to make our children tougher; when we live in a world where children carry semi-assault weapons. Have you watched the news? The warriors that are now going to war…are 13 years old. We need to teach our children to be tougher?

I say to you…no. Our job and where we fail at it; is not in desensitizing our children; but in failing to humanize society. We are supposed to shine light on people who live in darkness…not somehow encourage them to participate in the world’s indifference.

So much has been said about the above mentioned children that there is almost very little more to say. But if Mathew Shephard was less sensitive…would he be less dead? He was killed for being gay. If he hadn’t been open and honest about himself; would that have been better? I think not. He was murdered; by a society that has grown frigid.

Was Xiomara Jonsales-Fernandez killed because she was too sensitive? No, she was murdered because she had taken all her little body could stand. And a coward killed her…after using her body…at 9 years of age.

What about Trayvon Martin? If he was tougher; he might have carried a gun. He might have felt threatened by the neighborhood watch commander. Out of fear or frustration; he might have shot and killed him. Then our discussions would have been very different.

If Amanda Todd had been less sensitive; would she have still killed herself? Was she too sensitive; or was she reacting like anyone else would have? How much is too much? I don’t know; I am a grown adult and if there were pictures of me posted all over the internet, without my permission…I would certainly be angry. After a while; I think that the anger would turn to frustration and hopelessness. The internet is a large place and she was just a child.

I intentionally left out the names of the people responsible for the deaths of these children; they have received enough press and notoriety. I am not willing to glorify the horrific things they did, by giving their names any press.

I am a very sensitive person; I cry easily. I feel things deeply. These feelings and emotions are what lead me to writing. When I heard about these children; I cried for them and for those left behind. I was hurt by the evil that stole them from us. And in that emotion; I found the strength to stand up and write to the next person who may be on that same path. Emotions make us human; they connect us to our Creator.

How can we agree that we were born…of love…and then conceal it? We are not too sensitive; by saying that we are giving silent permission to grow cold and indifferent toward our fellow man.

Perhaps if we instilled more love in our children; and made it unacceptable to be ill toward others; then we wouldn’t have to mourn children like these. Why would we rather change what is right and embrace what is wrong with our world?

I pray that we all make the choice to make a change. I hope that the change we make is for the better; promoting harmony among the races, accepting whatever choices we make for our personal lives, I hope that we learn that children are precious. I hope we change the terrible way we speak to each other and our children begin learning the loving nature that we were born with.

If my hopes are just pipe dreams; I will happily live that dream. I will walk with my head held high; I will always write the good fight. I hope that the changes we make; will be long lasting. Love one another, not for self…but for eternity.

Reach out…lift up…and may not another tear have to fall, in the name of indifference.



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