Our Sins

Our Sins


Today I learned the story of a beautiful young girl. The message of her story is so important that I not only decided to write this; but I also wrote a poem about it, as well. The lesson, of this story, is for children of all ages; and for their parents too. I hope you carry, forever, the tragic life lesson of, Amanda Todd.

Amanda Todd was a teenager; she did teenage things. I will not try and paint of a picture of sainthood on her; she was human. As a human being, she went along with a dare and flashed her bare breasts at someone, who then took a picture. I am sure that she never thought it was really a big deal.  While some may judge this action; let us remember that, as teenagers, we have all done things that we would never consider as adults. I strongly believe that the lives we create, as teenagers, teach and mold us; into adults.

That picture took on a life of its own; it was posted all over the internet. Imagine a picture, so personal being shared over the WORLD WIDE WEB.  Amanda was harassed and bullied about the picture. She was called names and made fun of. She was sent notes and letters; demeaning her character. She had to change schools several times; the bullying just wouldn’t stop. The teenagers that tormented her; beat her; threatened her, and harassed her; were never officially charged; Amanda only wanted to be left in peace. Amanda never wanted to press charges; although these people should have been punished.

She never got any peace. After changing schools a few times; she thought it was all behind her. She even started smiling again. She finally met a boy that she liked. She just wanted to have a normal life. The boy had a girlfriend; although Amanda found out about it, she had sex with him anyway. I suppose she thought that he really liked her. It became apparent; that all the boy wanted was sex. When his girlfriend found out; she confronted Amanda. The crowd around them grew; the yelled for the girl to hit Amanda, so she did. In fact she continued to hit and assault Amanda; while students took pictures, of the spectacle. She was left in a ditch; where she was found by her father.

She fell into a deep depression. She moved in with her mother. The cruelty never seemed to stop. A Facebook page was created with the picture of Amanda, flashing the camera, as its profile picture. Once a picture is placed online; it can never be taken back. In a state of depression, Amanda swallowed bleach…she needed it to be over.

She was taken to the hospital and revived. One would think that the evil would stop, but it didn’t. People posted comments on the “fake” Facebook page; they said she should have drank a different type of bleach; or that she should keep trying to kill herself.

The torment, which became larger than life; eventually took its toll on her and on October 10, 2012, Amanda Todd committed suicide.

What is the lesson, in all of this, for us? This is not about a bunch of kids, just being kids. If we allow ourselves to believe that; then we are in bigger trouble than we think. We must ask ourselves; why would anyone think that this behavior was okay? Why would a teenager think that it was NORMAL to cause another person so much pain?

This is learned behavior. As adults, we are being watched. Our actions and words are being mimicked. How many times have we heard a small child say a curse word? Where does this come from? How often do we, as adults, talk about people? We laugh, make fun of, ridicule and criticize people daily. How could we possibly believe that our children won’t do the exact same thing?

Some will say that Amanda Todd killed herself; I disagree. We murdered her. Even if we didn’t personally torment her; we allowed it to happen. Please think about that statement; if we made indifference and hate; completely unacceptable…this might not have happened. It cannot be a coincidence that Amanda Todd’s death was almost 14 years, to the date, that Mathew Shephard died.

Mathew was another teenager who was harassed and killed. Although the particulars were different; in spirit it is the same.

We are allowing our teenagers to kill each other; while we make excuses for the behavior. It is NOT okay for a person to torment or harass another person. It is not funny and it should NOT be acceptable. We are allowing this behavior to occur. It Is up to us to change it; if we do not start now…then when?

When will enough be enough? Does one of your children have to be killed, in order for you, to see the urgency in the situation?

When a child of love decides that they no longer want to breathe; there is a much larger problem.

It is no longer a matter of kids stealing one another’s lunch money; they are stealing their futures. Amanda Todd did not commit suicide; she was murdered…while we watched, silently.

While my prayers go out to her family; my sorrow is for mankind. We are killing or children; the hope of the future. When will the insanity end? Where did we go wrong? Our humanity is slipping through our fingers and we sit idly, doing nothing.

I implore you; step up to the plate…protest. There are angels of light waiting for you, to follow your predestined path. Shine your light; give love…be love. Be for another child of God; must pay the price for our sins.




3 thoughts on “Our Sins”

  1. Just to clarify, I pressed the like button for the points you make, not on the incident itself, which causes great pain in my heart. What happened to Amanda deserves a major dislike button, and more importantly, action from everyone involved, from the kids, to the parents of those kids, to the adults, to the social media hosts, and to all of us sitting here reading such a tragic account of a senseless loss of a life unfulfilled. If this isn’t a teachable moment, I don’t know what is. Yes, Amanda was not perfect. None of us are. Neither, however, were her flaws worthy of such ridicule to result in her life and future being taken away. Awful. Just awful.

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