Love of God

Love of God

I come here quite often

Just my thoughts you see

Where the world won’t judge

What is happening to me

Not that I am guilty of

Any sort of real crime

I’m just the keeper of

The large secret of mine

I tried to tell once or twice

But accusations thrown my way

Showed that I was meant

To live my life alone in pain

I know he doesn’t mean it

I should not push him so hard

If I was better and gentler

I wouldn’t have this scar

He is just under a lot of pressure

No one would understand

The threat of abandonment

Could destroy this angry man

I went to the police and begged

Please make him go away

But they just asked what I did

To make him act this way

I felt attacked and isolated

Like he said that they would do

I felt interrogated…a criminal

Out of there I flew

So now it’s just me and silence

My new very best friend

My forged smile and pleasantries

Will be here til the end

For at the end of my story

No rainbow or pot of gold

Only a shiny rock with a name

And a story never to be told

So I tell it now to God

For soon we will hold hands

He will know I did my best

To make them understand

His temper raged on and on

For no apparent reason or rhyme

He just kicked and hit, slapped and maimed

This weak body of mine

I am at fault I know because

I hid the bruises so well

I made excuses about clumsiness

The stories I would tell

Then one night all alone

I prayed with tear swelled eyes

God please take me now

Do not make me arise

For the fear of waking up

Is larger than deaths unknown

Please wrap me in your loving arms

I don’t want to be alone

He lifted me to Heaven that day

It was a joyous moment for me

But I hope it taught a lesson

For those on earth to see

For you see 275 million kids

Experience violence in their home

NO one to call…no one to tell

NO sanctuary of their own

We are breeding violence daily

To watch it that close you see

Creates more abusers and abused

Inbred hostility

The loudest screams for help

Are found in silence so now

We must look a little deeper

To help our children some how

For we lose more women and children

To assaults via family tree

Than car accidents and diseases

Please set these caged birds free

Give them wings and air to breathe

Do not further assault their abuse

By finding blame in a victim

Whose life they didn’t choose

In the U.S. alone they say

Every 9 seconds a woman is hit

And if we ever needed a sign from God

I promise you this is it

Stand tall and take their hands

Ask not what they did wrong

But find shame in the fact

That we waited this long

Find a way get them help

For one more moment has passed

Another child is in danger

The clock is ticking too fast

So at my closing I will say

I was blessed by an angel too

But there are more lost sheep

They are waiting now for you

Do not let another woman or child

Go unnoticed…out of shame

Hold them tight and lift them high

In our Father’s name

Let no tear fall away again

Start a smiling campaign

Show them the Shepherds’ walk

Where the love of God is sustained


12 thoughts on “Love of God”

  1. Beautiful piece! There are more screams and agony in silence. The most terrible torture is never noticed. Each moment seems to hold pain for someone but we must not let that be. We must do whatever we can to ease what pains we can.
    Very deep and insightful piece. I really love this!

  2. it is an ugly world at times….abuse should never happen…and its hard to speak up cause sometimes you think what is anyone really gonna do and i am only inviting worse on myself….far too many

    1. It can be a terrifying decision, to prompt change. Personally it was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. But the thought of enduring one more moment of pain, was much stronger.

      Peace to you

  3. An extremely important message in this rhyming, rhythmic poem. Power can be found from pain & misery inflicted upon a creative, talented person, when that person somehow manages to transcend & survive the way you have…

    1. The true blessing in surviving any life obstacle; is to shine light and love on those which may be going through the same thing.
      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments and kindness…always a blessing to see you here.

      Peace to you

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