A Simple Blue Eyed Girl

A Simple Blue Eyed Girl

Sitting high above

I see you’re in pain

Wish I was there

To hold you again

But life does move on

Even when we aren’t ready

While your heart is stirred up

Your soul remains steady

For a birthday isn’t about life

Not when yours has ended

But about hearts that you touched

Broken fences you mended

And remember now and always

You mended my heart too

I was also blessed

The day God created you

I know you feel a loss

God knew that you would

But things have worked out

The way that they should

My eyes forever dance

My smile lives on forever

While our bodies are estranged

Our souls dance together

So cry not another tear

But you if you must…then smile

For as I was your gift

You made mine worthwhile

So sing our stories aloud

Show them love does exist

And if they don’t believe

I beg you to insist

For the true journey of life

Never ends in death for us

WE are forever bonded

In a circle of blood

So I thank God for the experience

Of having you to share

Never miss my life for I

Am with you …everywhere

Smile that glowing smile

And shine to the world

Signed forever with love

Just a simple blued eyed girl

**To My sister…may we all find the peace…that found you


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