A Smile

A Smile

As long as she is smiling

We never have to know

About the hidden pain within

And how fast that it grows

As long as she is smiling

Our hearts won’t be breaking

About the angels’ father

And the things he has been taking

As long as she is smiling

Curiosity never peaks

About the struggles she faces

Because we are so weak

As long as she is smiling

We are protected against

The vile intention of man

Which really makes no sense

How can a smile after all

Make us blind to what is there

Overlooked bruises and neglect

With long flowing hair

Yet we ask no pertinent questions

We offer her no relief

Everything will be alright

Is just an ignorant belief

She is not alright now

Hasn’t been so in years

Only the bravest soul

Can smile past inner tears

He took her innocence

And even though we may suspect

We use her smile to push it away

Leaving nothing but regret

Only one question it would take

To point out what is there

A question to give her hope

In a small life of despair

Open your eyes and better

Let your heart show you the truth

Only one chance may be given

What if that one chance…is you

These things always end badly

Scars are left on a soul

Because we wanted to see a lie

Evil became our role

The abuse may be hidden

Even if only for a while

Until a funeral for a girl

Can no longer be hidden

By a smile

** 1 in 3 girls are sexually molested between the ages of 5-15, in the United States…DAILY**

**Every 15 seconds a female is killed by someone that claimed to love her**



-L.M. Young


10 thoughts on “A Smile”

  1. Hit me with a sledgehammer why dont you. I despise the subject matter, but adore the words and how you weave them into something hard that packs real power.
    A smile hides so many emotions and few of us see behind its facade.
    A truly emotional piece!

  2. ugh…hard read….behidn the smile…there is so much pain..this is really powerful…as much as it turns my stomach we have to face these things if there will ever be healing and hope of it never happening again…

    1. Hi Kim,
      The stats are from a domestic violence website, the findings are frightening and prompted the poem. Although tragic…if we can save just one child today…we would all be blessed.

      Much peace to you

  3. And what is the heart of your poem? ” What if that one chance…is you” that’s not just a nice thought or hey yeah… it is THE thought because what if you are the only chance.. are you going to take that chance… even if you’re not the last chance you are this chance don’t leave it up to chance…. you’re right, it’s has to stop. It has to stop… there should be no more words that need to be spoken before it stops….

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