I once read; we do not fear failure, but success. I didn’t, at that time, fully understand the truth in that claim. Who would be afraid of succeeding? The answer, which only came with maturity, with success comes responsibility…the higher we stand the harder it will be when we fall. It’s as if we are confident that we will fall. When we are busy preparing for our landing…we fail to soar.

It is the lightness, not darkness, which we fear. That may seem odd to some; but the explanation should clear it up for us all. In darkness, we have no expectations of ourselves. We have no way to fail, if we have achieved nothing. However, when we dwell in lightness; in the house of our Creator, great things are expected of us.

Darkness is easy; it takes very little effort. Why do we allow the world to decide who we are? Why are we looking for an opinion that says we are good, no matter what we do.

Once we allow light to shine; we give permission for others light to shine, also. We are supposed to make the way for humanity; we are great beyond measure. We are the lambs of greatness…it is how we were created. We were created from seeds of a most powerful and awesome Source.

We cannot be afraid of being perfect; when that is what we were created from…PERFECTION. This does not mean that we are infallible; this does not mean that we will not make mistakes; this means that we will aim for something higher than we have ever achieved. It means that we were born with endless possibilities; so why do we look for boundaries?

Why do we seek limits to the essence we were born from? Why do we want to be held back?

Never fear the unknown; it gives too much energy to negativity. Be the very best that you can be; and accept no less from yourself. Become the change that you want to see in others. Love deep and strong; give back to others…never expecting for that in return. This is what I fondly call “Light Love”.

Love is not ours; it is like a gift that stays recharged. As long as we are passing along the gifts of our Creator; we will always have plenty to give. Be the light that others seek. There is nothing wrong with being all that you can be. Love, live and laugh…find greatness and lessons, in all things. Do not think in terms of obstacles; the thought of a barrier, gives it too much life.

Illness is not an excuse to lose hope or understanding. All things are great and we must be prepared for that. Having suffered with many illnesses or trying circumstances myself, I can tell you that the purest love…the love of our Source; is always with us.

This does not mean that people will not die; of course they will. Our bodies are not capable of living forever; they will grow weak and in time will expire. The lessons aren’t meant for our bodies.

As hard as it may be to understand; our bodies do not touch anything. The illusion of physical touch can be deceiving. We can only touch the souls of others. The soul lives forever. The vessels of our bodies, house the soul. After we have left this realm of life; our souls will continue onward; giving love to this energy; keeps it strong and fortified.

You are greater than you may imagine. Do not let disharmony and imbalance poison your souls. Love often and shine your light on others. People really only want permission to shine their light too. Be the great being that we all need you to be; continue on your true path and illuminate all things; and watch the world shine.





5 thoughts on “Illumination”

  1. This post is truly touching on so many many levels. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing. There are many who need to read this, I’m glad i did.
    Much light and love,

    1. I’m so glad that it touched you. I gave it a few thoughts before deciding to post it; but glad that I did. It is always a blessing to receive your thoughtful comments.

      Peace and Blessings to you

      L.M. Young

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