On Earth

On Earth

If I had to leave here today
With only one thing
It would be the love I’ve found
In all living things

If I had to walk away
From my life as it lies
I would walk away fulfilled
With a heart that realized

Nothing is permanent here
It wasn’t meant to last
It’s not supposed to be forever
But it’s been a blast

I found love in abundance
I found light unforeseen
I’ve watched people come to life
With fairytale dreams

I watched people reach out
I watched them try  their best
Keeping their eye on the path
Leaving God to do the rest

I have seen more in my years
Than I ever thought true
Who knew I had so much
Living to do

So if I left here today
I’d be thankful and then
I’d ask God
To send me back again

For the true measure of man
Is not found in his purse
But in hearts of those people
He loved here on earth


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