Past The Stars


See the young heart
Who cries within himself
Such pain he has known
More than we have ever felt

He cries to us daily
Seeking protection in our eyes
He has known true torture
More than we may realize

This bruised little heart
Just trying to understand
What he has done wrong
Is this his life long plan

We know he is looking
For us to make it clear
Yet we go about our day
As if he is not even here

We make poor excuses
As to why we walk on by
We may feel  sorrowful inside
But we never stop and ask why

Someone will help him
Someone else will come along
But another funeral is planned
I guess someone was wrong

Another tiny little casket
Another child of God denied
I wonder why only in death
Do we stop making alibis

I couldn’t do this
I couldn’t do that
I didn’t really know him
How callous we do act

You didn’t need his name
His presence was our test
So even if we make excuses
We still failed to do our best

How long does a call take
911 is not that hard
We all noticed the bruising
But he suffered  worse scars

Such as the scar on his heart
Which never got to heal
His tender sweet soul
And the pain it did feel

The gift of his existence
May be little more than a smile
Something to give him hope
For he hadn’t known it for a while

So reach out your arms
Stop silently nodding your head
Stop the funerals of the young
Build playgrounds for them instead

For it only takes a step
Although at times it’s hard
To appreciate the gift of life
From our Father past the stars


7 thoughts on “Past The Stars”

  1. Strong write. Some excellent lines in here. The 3rd, 5th and 7th Stanzas I found particularly strong. Thanks for sharing

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