Good or Bad

Good or Bad

There is no such thing as good

Just as there is no such thing as bad

The illusion of such can

Truly drive us mad

If we are to fail by judging others

It sets us far away from our place

There is no way to save us

From this self indulgent space

We claim to have the knowledge

Saying to place blame is a sin

Yet we are pointing fingers daily

If only from within

We may claim organized religion

We may dictate scriptural lines

But what does it mean if the application

Is only in our minds

What if the only temptation

Is that from inside

If we are our own enemy

How can we begin to hide

What are we hiding from

Who are we afraid will see

When our own truer self

Has become the divine enemy

For good nor bad have a heartbeat

It exists not among human beings

It belongs in fairy tale books

And other such make believe things

You are no better than me

Nor am I any worse than you

We know this is the truth

But these things we will still do

The knight and white horse

Are images we have created

Why? When the truth is more pure

Than a fantasy or how we made it

The truth is the truth now

We just have to decide

Are we living our true path

Or nurturing our pride

Again pride is non-existent

It only lives in your secret place

It is not of God’s creation

It’s a selfish ugly space

For how can good or bad

Or prideful ego of terms

Lead us into our own temptation

When will we ever learn

We are all undeserving forever

But we are loved just the same

It all comes from the same source

No matter what we call its name

There is no good nor bad

Only fairy tales were made of this

I’m not talking about Disney movies

Telling it like it is

You nor I get to decide who

Is forgiven or who is just

For at the end of the end

The only judge…will not be us

So rise above your centered self

Hold your head and spirit high

For He will arm us with the truth

Of this we can rely

Seek and you shall find

Answers will come to your heart

Of questions you hadn’t thought of

But it’s a very good start

Do not deny your oneness

For it will hold you down …not back

Be mindful of your words

Don’t begin to fall off track

For we were brought here in peace

And peace we must maintain

When there is no good or bad

Only the Love of God remains


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