A Simple Smile

A Simple Smile

Open up your heart today

For the heart cannot tell a lie

It embraces this life

Love is emitted when you cry

While tears may seem a bother

When they start to flow

It opens up your heart

For the truths you must know

For a single tear drop falling

Holds within its own mass

More hope and possibilities

Than Alice’s Looking Glass

This direct source of connection

Can touch others in a deep way

It reactivates their hearts

It happens every single day

Have you ever seen another cry

Even someone that you don’t know

You felt the heaviness in yourself

Your own heart starts to grow

It swells beyond measure

A lump develops in your throat

It’s what the greatest songs are about

Strongest lines a person ever wrote

What is this feeling coming over us

We are puzzled and perplexed

And as serious as this is…it won’t

Prepare you for what is next

For this overwhelming anguish

You are starting to feel

Is the purest divine love

Now tell me it isn’t real

Tell me our Creators love

Is invisible…not really there

Then why does a strangers tears

Bother you…why do you care

I’m laughing…but not at you

The confusion this thought brings

Says you were made from love

And other such spiritual things

How many times have you brushed away

A person for simply wishing you peace

Treating them like an inconvenience

Not as a child of God…but like a disease

Peace and blessings upon you

What about that seems funny

When did we start thinking what counts

Is all about the most money

What about peace bothers you

Why hide away all the love

What are you really thinking

What are you made of

For within your truer self

You will one day really see

Why love is so important

For saving humanity

It is the love we were born with

We really can’t do without

It could end all acts of violence

Of this I have no doubt

For loving your neighbor

And his neighbor too

Isn’t about anyone else

It is really about you

It is about your divine path

It is about your own soul’s place

It’s about realigning our mind with truth

Saving the human race

So release those inner demons

Telling you that you shouldn’t care

Lift your hearts up to God

Release you inner despair

Open your hearts I beg you

Reconnect with your Source

And enjoy the journey of love

It’s our predestined course

Set aside your angry tones

Embrace those in need

Feel your heart blossom

Your soul is being freed

For within every tear drop

Is the core of His Grace

Where is God’s love now?

Rolling down your face

Love one another freely

You don’t need any permit

And if you need a real sign

I guess this is it

Release your love on to the world

It’s been waiting for a while

Open your heart to mankind

Beginning with a simple smile


4 thoughts on “A Simple Smile”

  1. smiles are like the easiest thing to give and they can go a long way to brightening the day….we all def need love to lighten our lives…

  2. Let the tears escape, and begin again with a smile.. How simple, and beautiful and as you say, quite important 🙂 Let the love flow.. Wish you a happy weekend!


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