Blessing In Disguise

Blessing In Disguise

Hello my dear heart

I came to talk to you today

To say I remember when

You came to feel this way

555 days ago today

We lost a kindred love

She was sent to watch over us

Somewhere high above

555 days ago this morning

We heard our phone ring

Never expecting the words

Would be ones which would sting

555 days ago this moment

Was a nightmare in the making

Never feeling anything close

To the way my heart was breaking

My dear heart I want to say

I also miss her too

Her smile…her laugh…her way

Of saying I LOVE YOU

Days seem to turn to years

In a moment in a flash

But that moment went on forever

How long can this last?

How long can such pain

Live within my heart’s heart

Sad about missed moments

Not knowing where to start

Where does a broken heart go

When it can not be repaired

For her passing seemed so wrong

Life can seem unfair

I know what some are thinking

How selfish I must be

To wish her back

From her divine eternity

I really can not explain it

Like running in place

I’m left now with a spot

Her forever space

Yes, she is still there

So my rambling may seem wrong

But the days go on forever

It just seems so wrong

I know that she loved me

I loved her just the same

But there is pain in the thought

Of no longer calling her name

This grief is unimagined

Not like a break up or a spat

My heart break is permanent

Happened in 555 days ago flat

Sisters have a bond

Most would fail to understand

Simply knowing through thick or thin

She will reach out for your hand

I admit I still reach out

Sometimes I even smile

At the mere idea that

I could see her for a while

Just to hug her tightly

To say I will be okay

That I will get past the next

555th day

My dear heart I don’t know

If you will ever be the same

But we will keep trying

In our Father’s name

Maybe some wounds

Are supposed to leave a scar

To remind us where we came from

To explain where we are

And where we are now

Is where we should be

Missing her presence

But remembering fondly

So even though you are broken

My dear heart try to remember this

She came along unexpectedly

One of God’s greatest Gifts

So tomorrow again we will smile

Blinking past tears from our eyes

For her life was my personal

Blessing in disguise


11 thoughts on “Blessing In Disguise”

  1. The pain eases, the loss is ever present. It’s a dull pain you live with always because that person is missing. You will always reach out, cry, droop, wish for, want for, rail against the loss but love will try to fill the space and life is for the living and love is for the giving. You will carry one giving because that is what she would have wanted. Wishing you joy.

    1. Thank you so much, Anna. I can’t determine of I feel heavier or more empty. But one day I will be able to refer to my memories, and there were lots of them and the hurt will not out shine them

      Peace to you

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