If Not Now

If Not Now


Someone I love once told me; we all want to try and get a different outcome from the same problem. Realistically we understand that using the same solution over and over again will not bring about a different outcome.

So why don’t we do something different I asked; and she said because we are afraid of change. Even though she and I were talking about something more personal, in content, that statement is true of all situations.

I believe, in my heart, that we are all good people. Why then, do we sit back and watch the travesties in our world occur and not step in? Why do we sit back and hear the literal cries and screams of our next door neighbors, fall on deaf ears? We may not know exactly know what is going on in that house, but wouldn’t it be better to be wrong than to be silent…and wake up to a news report about a domestic violence situation that became deadly? Wouldn’t you rather someone care enough about your children or grandchildren, that they would risk being wrong?

I understand, we don’t want to get involved. The fear of confrontation can be chaotic, at times. The first step can be the loneliest. The first step of any endeavor can be frightening; it could be poorly received, or unwelcome. But wouldn’t it be better to take that risk, as opposed to sitting in silence when someone could be being beaten…right next door?

We have children in this country who are viciously and maliciously abused…everyday. These children are not savagely beaten by strangers; a recent study shows that 79.4% of the abused children in our country are abused and often killed by their parents.

Now I ask again; why shouldn’t we make a change? If we are worried and concerned about how we will be received by people if we say something…what happens to those innocent children?

I watched a show on television one day; the show simulated an actress playing a “babysitter”, and she was verbally abusive to a child about 6 or 7 years old. The purpose of this exercise was to see how people would react to this behavior, in social situations. I must say I was rather shocked, as grown men, even though disturbed by the “babysitter’s” behavior…said absolutely nothing to her. When asked later about why they said nothing; they simply said they kept waiting for someone else to speak up and when no one did, they decided not to say anything either.

This was a sad representation of what we have become. Understandably, we don’t want to get involved…but if not us…then who? If we do not speak up on behalf of the child obviously being spoken abusively too, or being battered and neglected…who will?

I know this probably seems like I am laying a lot on you…and truthfully I am. But I am saying this not only to make you think, but to show you that your heart is speaking to you…we must start listening.

We are losing our children to the hands of haste and hate. Change can be frightening, because it is new; but that does not mean that it is bad. Everything had to begin somewhere; someone had to take that first step. We can not continue to crawl through life as if we are going to get anywhere, except across the living room floor.

This is not the life that we are supposed to be living…I promise you. God is watching us…it is all a great test. Every decision that you make today, tonight and tomorrow; is being reviewed. Our humanity is being tested, every time we encounter people.

How would you want the world to treat you or someone that you love? Would you rather it walked passed hurriedly; or perhaps you would rather it walked slow enough to stop and ask the important questions? Are you okay? Is there someone you would like me to call? Humanity is easy…we are making it too hard.

Love one another…shine God’s light…that is our true purpose.

If you do not make the change that you want to see in this world…than who will? If not now…when?


4 thoughts on “If Not Now”

  1. You definitely put forth an important thesis about loving one another, and illustrate it well with the babysitter test situation – but you did realize you posted this in a poetry forum?

    1. Thank you so much for the comment. Yes, I realize that Dverse poets is a poetry forum….actually most of what I write here is poetry…this particular piece just needed a different form of expression.

      Peace to you

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