How To Smile

How To Smile

I have felt your tear

Before it started to swell

I have lived your pain

Yes, I know it well

I know you are saying

Your problem is unique

It is…you are you

But the answers that you seek

I know a few of them

Because there once was a time

When the sadness that you feel

It was all mine

You may not want to hear this

You may feel it an intrusion

But to think I don’t understand

Would be a wrong conclusion

Pain within us can grow

Large and invasive

Look into my heart

I’m not being persuasive

We must release the inner grief

Let go of it I say

For the rest of your life

It starts today

Do not let the darkness

Pull you inside

It’s so hard to escape from

Harder to hide

For the love of our Creator

Is waiting for you now

Don’t worry about what you did

Yes, I will show you how

First take a deep breath

Let it all come back out

Take 15 minutes

To scream and shout

After that exercise is over

Recall in your mind

Something simple and sweet

A precious place and time

Focus on that idea

For it will carry you away

To how God envisioned

Your life should be today

It doesn’t matter what you see

In your own beautiful thought

Because it’s a place God put there

In case that you forgot

Now focus on that thing

And how it made you smile

Carry that thought around

In your heart again a while

What is the purpose of this

You may dare to say

It’s the simplest method

Of taking your pain away

Of course it is temporary

You will get sad again

But luckily this method’s reusable

Use it no matter when

The purpose of course

To show without deviation

How God loves you

Like all of His Creation

Don’t hold on to the pain

It will only hold you back

It can scar you for life

Like a severe heart attack

Move forward sweet ones

Because like the pain you knew

I also moved forward

It brought me now to you

So this tremendous blessing

Of sharing my pain

Is found in showing you

How to smile again


8 thoughts on “How To Smile”

  1. smiles…i think we could all do for learning to smile a bit more…relating to each other…lettingoff some of that emotion in the shout and some positive visualization…i hear you loud and clear…smiles.

    1. Just something my sister taught me in her brief life. Basically not to let the struggles in life own you…find your way and make it beautiful for yourself.

      Always thankful for your comments!!

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