The Climb

The Climb

Keep your eye on the prize

How many times have we heard that

But I think there’s more

Can we have a small chat

The climb is more important

Than looking down from the peak

For the journey is filled

With all that we seek

The view from above

Can be beautiful no doubt

But let’s talk of the things

We can’t do without

God places aromatic flowers

In the middle of a path

Reminding us not where we’re going

But where we are at

The people we pass daily

Are not decoration

But lessons yet learned

Deserving admiration

For the messages yet to be heard

Are meant to impact

Not what we believe

But absolute facts

God places messengers

To shine His light

On all of His children

No matter how bright

Take time on your journey

For nothing was ever gained

By racing by people fast

Never asking names

The beauty of this life

Is found in the stroll

The slow meandering walk

Will teach more than you know

Stop to smell the roses

Gaze at the sky

Life is too short

It’s passing you by

So the destination is important

But not why you might have thought

It’s about the treasures at your fingertips

Not a goal which is sought

For the only goal which is

Worthy of attention

Is love of God…man

In fact His entire creation

Enjoy the climb my friends

But embrace when you stumble too

For often it’s those lessons learned

Which exceed the high view

The scrapes that we obtain

Can become a great find

When we are walking with God

Enjoying the climb


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