We justify the violence

We justify the hatred

We justify why it is

Okay that he is dead

You needed more updated pictures

Showing all his tattoos

Would that make a difference

If you were in his mother’s shoes?

Would you want someone to tell you

What vision the media could post

When you are talking about the one

That you loved the most

Would you think it fair when

Everyone gets to decide

If you deserved it

The night YOUR son died

Or would you look for compassion

While your heart is breaking

Yet ducking and diving from

All the criticism you are taking

Not a good mother?

Oh…lest not ye judge

On the matter of love

I will not budge

Her son died…point blank

She is stronger than most

And stands up…head high

With all the hate you post

When will we truly realize

Who are supposed to be

And stop imposing on others

Our false reality

We should be uplifting our brothers

Stop literally shooting them down

Then there would be no need

For “standing your ground”

If we all listened as children

When being told what was right

There would be nothing to fear

During the day or the night

God He walks with us

Stop finding reason to hate

Start looking for similarities

How we can relate

We are really one big family

Who is going to war

Forgetting God’s love

What we were brought here for

So I bid you one last thought

Before you lay down your head

Let’s stop attacking mankind

Build God’s bridges instead


8 thoughts on “Instead”

  1. we each have our own perceptions…the trick is in being willing to see those of another instead of forcing them to see ours…or to do so without judging them…

  2. Excellent wisdom born of charity and understanding. It’s difficult to obtain those hallowed heights if not impossible. Perhaps even not meant for human view, as it feeds that pride that brings so much pain and despair. Better ro remember our humanity and pray for the spirit to enlighten the paths we take thru life.

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