That Includes You

That Includes You

Why does it hurt so much more

When watching a child in despair

Probably just the knowledge

That they were placed in our care

It was our job to serve

Our job to protect

And now we are the assailants

The only suspects

For we dropped the ball

Even if one child we did not strike

We failed to protect God’s angel

Do you know what that is like?

Just imagine leaving your baby

With someone to watch for a while

Then when you return finding…bruises

Cuts…death…or worse a child with no smile

God must do this every single day

He trusts us…we let Him down

We’ve become a giant ocean

Encouraging children to drown

Even if we don’t hit anyone

We are still guilty the same

You may call it minding your business

But some call it a different name

Our children are not divided

By genetic lines

I’m supposed to love yours

And you mine

After all we are ALL God’s children

It’s what we say in prayer

And when God brings down His wrath

We say it’s unfair?

Guide the world’s children

Lead them not astray

They are the heartbeat of love

Not what should be thrown away

Stop making excuses

Finding reasons to hate

Your arrogance is wasted

On lives you didn’t create

Love that little face

Enjoy that tender laugh

Treat life as if this moment

Is the last you may ever have

Give thanks for the possibility

Of molding that sweetest heart

For even though we are failing

We can make a new start

Stop crushing children’s dreams

With our need to only think of self

It will make the world much brighter

And give us spiritual health

Hug a child today…

Fill them with hope and joy

Start a chain of love

For all girls and boys

Stop the cycle of violence

Disarm your words too

For when you strike at a child

God will strike out at you

Give love…be love

In all that you show

Watch how love not hate

Is what you will see grow

In my final thoughts

Don’t forget in what you do

That God loves all His children

That includes you

**We must put an end to all forms of child abuse…In doing our part we are donating a portion of the proceeds of our book “The Light of Our Path” to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, Inc.


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