The Eyes of A Child

The Eyes of A Child

If we could see the world through

The eyes of a child

What a world we would see

Such innocence…love…naivety

If we could see God’s beauty

With raw untouched kindness

We could accept each for who we are

A humanity of blindness

If we could look at one another

Like a child peers up at us

There would be no question why

It is in God we trust

If you noticed the small stuff

A child’s heart does see

We could start living in

Complete harmony

For the eyes of a child

Are filled with hope and joy

Not of hatred…or ideas

Of those we will later destroy

Children experience no prejudice

Except through those they hold dear

Never knowing…not realizing

It’s those ideas they should fear

For the selfishness of man

Oh, it can run so deep

For he won’t want the reminder

Of promises he didn’t keep

Like the promise to a child

Saying I will be here forever

With one foot out the door

Can’t seem to keep it together

If a child’s vision is one

We sought everyday

The blindness we live with

Would finally go away

There would be no abuse

Or environmental disasters

Just the love of a child

A trait we all could master

So when you look down into

Those eyes so bright and joyous

Remember its God’s reminder

Of how much He love’s us

Today use those child-like eyes

When imposing your views

For those same eyes

Are looking back at you


15 thoughts on “The Eyes of A Child”

  1. nice…i agree with you…if only we could see as a child once more…and perhaps if only we could figure out how to not lose that or jade the next generation in the same way too you know…we are to be come like children…smiles.

  2. “The Night of the Hunter” (1955); Lillian Gish’s character, Rachel, says in the end, always prompts lump in the throat & tears in the eyes,

    “Lord, save little children. You’d think the world would be ashamed to name such a day as Christmas for one of them and then go on in the same old way. My soul is humble when I see the way little ones accept their lot. Lord, save little children. The wind blows and the rain’s a-cold. Yet they abide…They abide and they endure.”

    Have seen this movie 4 times, could watch it again…

    1. It sounds so tearful and further truth that we must start putting our children first…not only our own, but the world’s children.

      Thank you for the beautiful comment

      Peace to you

  3. I loved the words. They resonate within me. Jesus said Suffer not, the little children to come unto me. I believe that children are very, very special to Jesus. Each is born with a plan for his/her life. What is a terrible thing is the childhood and on that the “plan” and Jesus are not taught everywhere. But the Bible says that won’t happen until Jesus comes back as Conqueror and King. That all of the people of the earth will bow and acknowledge Him. Only then will we be able to have a world that will truly care about all the children. Then we will have a world of peace, where there is literally heaven on earth because God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit will be here in our new eternal time.
    the Bible also says that the earth will no longer need a sun nor a moon, that the Light generated by God Himself will light the world. That is too awesome to get my head around.
    by the way, found you through a website, throughtheeyesofachild.

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