Happy National Healing Day


As all should truly be

 Today the healing

Starts with me…

Healing endures…

Not like medicine or cures.

It opens the heart

To the minds closed doors…

The rich can’t afford it.

Although it’s free… for the poor.

The secret is to meet it with love.

I have ventured further

Than I care to mention into places

Where faces are from.

 I have seen pure hate and have mocked its state

So much it was what I had become.

I have let water drip

In the sink in my kitchen,

Seen amber alerts

And ignored those went missing

Have lied have cheated have killed have stolen

 So much that it’s rendered me sick.

I prayed for a way to not make another me…

I needed this healing day quick.

I ordered a round

For everyone at the bar,

Tried to drown in my food

Pop pills crashed cars.

 Guilt is a wound

That leaves no blood and no scars.

Fighting, running,

Hiding hearts

Using abuse to hide my abuser

Selling but buying from users…

Working the job to the dead end street

Earning nothing to pass on to my feet

A soldier a father a mother a child…

The illness is ignorance the blessing is smiles.

The hug is electric the eyes hold a spark

The herbs of the earth

 Is it not written is yours…

The water is heavenly it falls from the sky…

Then rises again like us when we die.

The healing is for all

 When we share it we’re alive.

So if death is disease……

The healing is life.

~Allin All


9 thoughts on “Happy National Healing Day”

  1. did not know it was healing day…i would def love to pass on healing to anyone that i can…and i think we all have ignored things, not that it makes it right, but we can not save everyone…

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