Love’s Ingredients

Love’s Ingredients

How carelessly we talk

Saying the first things on our tongue

We talk about the people on the street

Their homes, jobs even their young

We thoughtlessly cast our ideas

Out into the mid air

As if our opinions were made true

By throwing it out there

We talk about other races

Talk about religions worldwide

Is this hate or just ignorance

I simply can’t decide

We talk amongst ourselves

Gossip destroying the hope of man

WE know we shouldn’t…yet still do

Should stop…but not sure we can

Our words can feel like razors

Sharp and hard to heal

It’s not hopes they are given

But they dreams that people steal

We kidnap the light from man

Throw water on his fire

Until he forgets his path

His hearts true desire

We walk around in darkness so long

It seems bright enough

Waking up from that fallacy

Now that one can be tough

For the problem with this disease…hate

Is we’ve been feeding it so long

We have forgotten how to do right

And are inclined to do wrong

I really don’t mind reminding you

Emit the love God passed out

It mends fences…builds bridges

Of that there is no doubt

Start smiling every single day

Even if they look at you odd

Remember you’ve spent a lot of time

Trying to dim the light of God

So the backlash is deserving

You should have known better by now

But take one day at a time

You will do it somehow

Teach your children love through osmosis

Let the joy you have spread

Letting opportunities of hope

Fill inside their heads

We spend far too much time

Shaking our fists up high

Complaining about the choices

The ones we let slip by

Yes we did it…we failed ourselves

Even though we knew much better

It’s why I’m writing this down

Why I’m sending you a letter

Watch your speech and tones

Knowing when you do speak

It should be the equivalent

Of touching an angels cheek

So softly whisper unto God

I’m sorry for my disobedience

Mix it with love…sprinkle joy

All of love’s true ingredients


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