This Map

This Map

There are many ways to get lost

Like there are many ways to be found

 For instance we really don’t need water

When our souls start to drown

We only need to focus

On our path today

For there are many roads

Which will lead us to THE WAY

Many avenues can be taken

Even though at first glance

It may seem it’s something else

But just give God a chance

We get lost when we focus

On that which is not truth

Don’t be blinded my its sparkle

Remember fools gold shines too

He will always find you

Though you may not realize

That all God’s gifts

May not be wrapped up like a prize

Know what you know

You’ll never be disillusioned

Ask for proof of all claims

No jumping to conclusions

God needs you at your best

The world is in morbid shape

It is filled with callousness

It is filled with hate

Love your brothers and sisters

Forget all the lies you heard

All the racial discourse

Is simply just absurd

Like the colors of a rainbow

Which God used to give us hope

Our skin tones depict beauty

Not a reason to dangle on a rope

You have no cause to hate another

NO matter what they may have done

For when you are armed with hate

You will be blinded by the sun

For the cost of hate is enormous

It can cost you your last breath

Haven’t we seen enough of it

Haven’t we seen enough death

We are destroying all God creatures

Blaming our actions on someone else

Their fault, their race, their accent

We should be ashamed o f ourselves

If you are lost it’s okay

I will gladly lend you my light

But you must let go of your anger

You must seek a life more bright

For God’s mansion is meant for you

You are loved to that extreme

But you must do the work

To be given the divine dream

So wake up my loved ones

You know not what you do

You’ve taken a wrong turn

And this map is for you


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